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Forum posts for Question for the masses

Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 30, 2009
I don't know what it's called.... but the one where you have to smoke weed and get blowjobs all day.

Posted by fanoom on Jul 30, 2009
Since Indy car driver is pretty much out of reach...

And the previous post, while amazing, likely will never happen.

I'd have to say a bicycle shop owner until I realize how many douche bags I'd have to deal with... Why can't I just take the winter off?

Posted by Miguel on Jul 30, 2009
Restaurant Critic
Movie Critic
Videograme Critic
PR for Film Festival or a cool movie distributor like Maple Pictures

The guy that greases up models before they go on photo shoots.
The dude that supplies llello to models and hot celebs.

Posted by weberm1 on Jul 30, 2009
um, working in the music store in high fidelity? yeah, that would be fun.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jul 30, 2009
Location scout for movies
I really like my job now though, making websites

Posted by bryan on Jul 31, 2009
Jazz accordionist.. I think I might sound a little better if I could spend 30 hours a week practicing.