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Forum posts for Wait....TTC fare collector's make how fucking much?

Posted by phduffy on Jul 29, 2009

I suspect a lot of overtime. But, go here for the list of TTC employees making more than 100k:

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 29, 2009
Yeah, I found another article that said he had basically doubled his salary by working a crapload of overtime.

That seems to make almost no sense to me though. Are they not staffing themselves properly? It's not like the TTC can create 'extra' work suddenly. The hours are the same, they're open at the same times every day. Should they not just have hired a junior person to fill in that spot rather than paying someone 1.5-2x overtime that much? Boggles my mind.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jul 29, 2009
The TTC is shit.

I can't comprehend how fucking terrible the staff and service are while they waste millions and keep raising fares.

I know audits are done and there is public oversight, but sweet jesus fuck, how can the end results be so shitty?

I can't think of a worse transportation system besides that of NYC. Though, unbelievably, I think the staff in NYC are more polite, helpful and considerate.

My Uncle (RIP) was the head of Brampton transit for many years and was on the Sunshine list. He made about the same amount as this dude, and I believe he never stole fares from customers to supplement his 100k+ salary.