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Forum posts for question

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 09, 2009
Depending on what you downloaded, you more than likely now have a virus/spyware installed.

I'd recommend trying um..spybot? Or what's the current spyware removal tool? Adaware?

The thing about downloading movies is, if it isn't a plain old avi/mpg, don't click on it.

You want a raw video file or you should 100% assume it's a virus/spyware and just ignore it.

What I'd recommend is using torrents. Goto and get their torrent application. Very small/lightweight.

Then, you can goto any of 100's of sites to find torrent. I personally use to get mine. Search, and find anything with a high # in the rightmost column. (How many people are sharing). Or you can use though they're the guys that lost the lawsuit in not sure what'll happen with them.

When you click on it, it'll ask you to save, or open in 'uTorrent', open it in uTorrent and it'll load and show you the files that it's going to download. You can then say okay or cancel.

It'll now run and download the movie for you. Once it's at 100%, I HIGHLY recommend you right click on it, and goto remove->remove and delete torrent. This ensures that people don't continue to download the file from you anymore, so your connection doesn't slowly become useless.

I think that's about it? Can always MSN me if you have other questions.

Posted by Katie on Jun 09, 2009
The spyware removal tool someone just downloaded for me at work (ahem....yes my computer may have been so full of spyware that it literally didn't work anymore) is malwarebytes. Worked like a charm!

okay ...
Posted by Mona on Jun 09, 2009
I have adaware. I just 'cleaned up' last week, but I did it again and there was 'stuff' . So it's gone. Thanks for the avi/mpg info. I already had utorrent downloaded (thanks Kevin Marshall). I'll try and follow your instructions. Here goes ...

Posted by Mona on Jun 10, 2009
well, it looked like they were downloading but then when I try to open them it's "video not found" ... using DivX. If you have time this afternoon Pete,I'll look for you.
plus, on one site I still got porn (and Hot 19 year old babes in Walkerton want to meet me ;;)