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Forum posts for Montréal baby!

No bears
Posted by Nerhael on Dec 09, 2003
Heh, the title thing is annoying. I did it because it's fairly typical of boards. I suppose I could make it unneccessary. Blarg, vote people, vote.

I have never been to Montréal unfortunately. I think I've heard they have nice strip clubs.

don't care
Posted by mike on Dec 09, 2003
I suppose that depends what you mean by nice strip clubs Pete. I've never been there either, but I heard they have some crazy shit at their strip clubs.

As far as the post titles are concerned I have zero respect for them. I don't care if they are there or not, I am just saying that I have no intention of going out of my way to make the title make sense.

Montreal Rocks!
Posted by Beth on Dec 09, 2003
Katie, you have made an amazing decision going to Montreal! The street with all the bars is Rue Crescent. It has every kind of bar you can think of. Too bad its not the summer, the patio's are unbelieveable! If you are wanting a fun night of just dancing with a big group of people to GREAT 80's tunes... try Club Electric Avenue. Suggested to us by the locals it was a great place to go for an evening. The only warning is that sometimes when people go there, they leave with out you and go home with someone else only to reappear the next morning with tales of a wild adventure. Here is a link to the bar site.

The best shopping can be found on Rue St. Denis... very cool and modern stuff... not off the rack like in a mall... its a lot like Queen in Toronto.. except WAY cooler cause its in Montreal. And everything is cooler there.

A mandatory stop on the trip to Montreal is the Super Sex Strip Club. Its like the Zanzibar in Toronto... everyone knows where it is... and noone admits to have ever been there

Down with Tittles!
Posted by phduffy on Dec 09, 2003
They suck.

Posted by phduffy on Sep 29, 2006
So, someone, sell Montreal to me. I don't get it.