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Forum posts for Advice of the day for June 1st, 2009!

Paul - maybe this will help you
Posted by Katie on Jun 01, 2009
So after seeing Star Trek, Paul said something along the lines of how he didn't like that they just made all the past ST episodes impossible because they changed the future with the movie. I may have that slightly wrong, but I wasn't listening too hard. Meanwhile I thought that they explained it in the movie (or rather, old Spock explained it) that they were creating a different parallel universe.

Anyway, some additional opinions from the interwebs:

"Star Trek and “Lost,” which come from the same guys — Damon Lindeloff and J.J. Abrams — also have divergent opinions on time travel. In the “Lost” world, you can’t change the past (or at least that’s the current theory). But obviously the same is not true in Star Trek. "

"You can't change the past in Trek either. There are infinite parallel realities that diverge from the point where the future intervenes. "

And based solely on one person's opinion, I feel that I trumped Paul in this one.