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Forum posts for Regular biking this season?

Posted by fanoom on Mar 11, 2009
I'm down with long walks on the beach and long bike rides just like any other guy, but unfortunately traveling 2+ hours to TO, biking for 2-3, then driving back on lets say a sunday afternoon just isn't doable for me. If you were to find some distance neutralish trails, I'd be more then happy to travel to bike with you, once a week or every other depending on what's going down this season... DH sometime?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 11, 2009
DH for sure this season sometime. Let me get in a few XC runs to get the shoulder used to some bouncing, then we should be good.

Hardwood hills might be a decent midpoint.

Posted by Katie on Mar 12, 2009
I still have intentions to buy a new bike, so assuming I do get one I would definitely be in. But, I'm a bit commitment phobic so may not end up buying one. Is the beginning of the season the best time to buy? Probably not eh?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 12, 2009
Well, the bike show does offer a good chance to get an early purchase in at what are often pretty damned good prices, and even those can usually be haggled down some more as well.

Barring that though, can buy used off craigslist or kijiji easily enough at any time.

Posted by James H> on Mar 17, 2009
I own three bikes, but two of them are write-offs, so that doesn't really help anyone. I could be talked into some city biking though.