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Forum posts for MP3 playas

mini disc players
Posted by MDuffy on Dec 06, 2003
In terms of portable music players, it really doesn't matter what format the music is in (mp3, cd, wma, whatever) it is all about what it plays on. mp3 players are okay but they are limited by the size of their memory and they tend to suffer from poor battery life. CD based players are okay but they are usually bulkier to carry around and you have to burn up the cd's before hand...which isn't alll bad, again sometimes poort bettery life too. minidisc players on the other hand can hld upto 4 cd's per minidisc and the battery life is outstaanding.

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 07, 2003
Solid state can't skip, battery life is around 20 hours on a single double A battery, but yes, they are very expensive. It's around 170-200 for a 128MB Solid state Mp3 player that would be a bit bigger than a lighter. To switch songs, you'd have to be near a computer. They are good for people that would use them while jogging, biking etc I think.

CD MP3 are bulky, but you can easily get one for 100 bucks. They usually have about 120 seconds worth of anti shock when playing mp3s, which is pretty good. Battery life on them seems pretty good. I seem to be using the one I have now with about 20+ hours per 2 AA's.

Mini Disc. Halfway between the previous. Small, carries more than a mp3 player usually, but less than a CD. This may depend on which one you get, but how you transfer songs to the minidiscs is a bit slow. Minidiscs are also a bit more expensive than normal media at more than a buck a piece I think. Which isn't that much really since I think they're reusable. Not sure on battery life. The cheapest Sony NetMD minidisc is around 170 I think. It was the one I considered when I considered them.

I offer no conclusions here, just observations.

my opinion
Posted by krys on Dec 07, 2003
again, i sell mp3 players, portable cd players, and mini disc players every single day..
minidisc players are the way to go if you ask me, if you want something portable and still awesome. at high capacity a minidisc can hold up to 5 hours of songs, and at low capacity still an hour and a half- and yes they are re-recordable. Battery life is 56 hours for one double A. Minidisc players have the best software, they have direct transfer software if you want to transfer your cds to minidisc, without storing any files on your computer-- where with mp3 players their is alot of different stages in order to transfer one cd onto a mp3 player. Minidisc players offer the most variety if you are going to away from your PC for a long period of time, as you can have multiple MD's and not have to worry about the bulky size of a portable cd player... the sony minidisc player, the basic one is $150, and the one with the car kit and the ac adapter is $199, there is also the AIWA MD that is $145
i am not really sold on the mp3 players yet, they are awesome if you are just going to use them for an hour or two a day.. They range in price from $99-$700(ipods..hehe) Right now the one that is on sale for $99, is a 128mb, which is approximately 4 hours of music.. depending. It's a really good starter mp3 player.. the RCA Lyra, which some people swear by range from $129-300. There are plenty of other name brands, IRIVER, WaveX, Rio Sport, IROCK, etc.. they are quite comparable.. They all however offer different options, voice recording, fm tuner, expansion abilty, etc
plain old portable cd players are simple, their are ones that will play cds burned in data format with mp3s, ones that will play just regular CDR/CD-RWs and of course ones that play both.. Battery life is about 35-50 hours depending on the brand.. Sony is about 50 hours.. And yes the battery life is better if you are just playing MP3s..