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Forum posts for Woman gets KKK implants

Posted by phduffy on Feb 04, 2009
Changed my mind, it's disgusting.

Posted by weberm1 on Feb 05, 2009
yeah, agreed.

i'm all up for girls wanting bigger boobs, but that's just gross.

Posted by bryan on Feb 05, 2009
I was expecting white hooded peaks.

They kind of look like butt cheeks. Plastic butt cheeks.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 05, 2009
yeah....those are completely unnecessary....

That's...yeah, just wrong.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 05, 2009
Well since everyone is taking an anti-fakegiantassboobs stance I should take the opposite. Alot of women may feel that they need larger knockers in order to appear more attractive, bolster self esteem, etc. While this woman has taken it a bit too far (and past medical opinion) it's still her choice and she should not be judged by it. Sure they look rock hard and the size of small moons, but don't just mark it down as gross. I'm sure her husband loves sleeping on those things. A little bit of motor boating goes a long way. In conclusion, stop being narrow minded!

Personally I like the quote about south america being futuristic and clean.