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Forum posts for road hockey

Posted by noodle on Dec 21, 2008
can't make it that day, have to

Posted by crux on Dec 22, 2008
The 30th is likely the only day I can make it, but don't have it that day on my account if something else works better. I sprained my foot two weeks ago and it still hurts like a bastard, so if I play there will likely be a lot of bitching and moaning on my part.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 24, 2008
Well, due to the lack of responses as to when the date should be, and firm dates from people as to when they are going to be around, I decided on the 30th... this was based on likely hood that people would be around by that point, and would be in need of something to do that evening. If a night works out better for everyone involved (and there's people around) I would be more then willing to change the date to something earlier. But at this moment in time, I would have to say it's going to be on the 30th, based off of the limited information I have recieved.

That being said....
Pete is coming up on the 27th to go skiing that evening, so those of you who are interested and will be around, give me a call so we can arrange a ride, etc...