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Forum posts for New Years/Road Hockey

Posted by crux on Dec 05, 2008
Well I'll be there for New Years. That's for damn sure. I'm with you in that I don't care if we party in the attic or at your new place. A change of pace might be nice, but after an hour or two it doesn't really matter where we are. Where will Cooper be? As long as he's at least 4 houses away he should be able to sleep soundly.

As for hockey; well my vacation days are currently up in the air pending a review of our vacation policies by our accountant. I'm not joking. Less than a month before Christmas they've decided they might want to adjust who can and can't take vacations when and how much they might be allowed or forced to take at a time.

It's so almost time to go home and drink beer.

Posted by crux on Dec 05, 2008
Oh, I forgot to mention that our accountant is a fucking douche bag and he hates me for some reason. Likely because I give off the general impression that I think he's a douche bag.

Posted by juice on Dec 08, 2008
Can I participate???

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 08, 2008
I always take that stretch off, so as long as the game isn't too close to Xmas itself, I can get there in time.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 08, 2008
well, devin and i won't be there for new year's this year. we've decided to rotate (to be fair-ish) and this is our new year's in toronto. plus, a friend is coming home from calgary and i assume we'll party with him. though, he won't be as much fun as brandon trying to dance behind everyone.

that be said, we'll be in mildmay from the 26 to the 28th and i'm sure devin would love to play some road hockey. yeah, i'm posting on his behalf, that's how i roll now. i basically own his ass. and i can watch a little! and chill with coop!

Posted by mike on Dec 08, 2008
I'll be around for pretty much the whole week between Christams and New Years.

I say road hockey on the 29th at the usual place, and New Years at the new place. With that said I am not too concerned overall on places or timing... also it is someone elses turn to destroy themselves at road hockey.

I think the big question is if there will be enough snow for tobogganing.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 08, 2008
enough snow? We got like two feet of fresh snow over the weekend, so unless it rains for a week straight we'll have snow a pleanty for ourselves...

Also, I'm going to suggest a change in venue for the road hockey... the parking lot at Hanover Heights (James A). It's big and close by to where we'll end up... OR we have an indoor hockey game at the new store IF things are clean... This would allow us to get horrendesly drunk while staving off hypothermia... Plus we could play into the evening easily..

Also the 29th may be a tough sell for Trev, Matt and myself since I BELIEVE that may be our xmas day... But I'm kinda in the dark... I'm stuck to evenings only that week anyways, Todd booked off the entire week so...yeah... I'll work with shit, it's usually slow as hell that week anyways so taking off an afternoon likely won't be an issue...

Bring snow suits, skis, snowboards, etc... I have plans on making a few trips up to Blue Mountain that week so Pete can complain about a sore ass (To those of you who are laughing about the last comment, you're sick).

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 08, 2008
Oh shit, that reminds me. Can you look into a dealy? My roof rack is a saris if that matters. You mentioned that you can get them through the store I think? I think something oversized might be best, as it sounds like there may be a few people that might do random trips up. Though I think a snowboard might fit in my trunk? I may be imagining them much smaller than they are though.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 08, 2008
6 pairs of ski's or 4 snowboards..... More likely 2 pairs of skis and 2 snowboards.... runs about 120 bucks...

Or the mammoth bitch 8 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards... but by looking at it, it looks like two of my 4 pairs o skis and 2 snowboards attached, which I have fit 4 snowboards yeah...grain of salt... This thing fits up to 56" in span is likely designed for an SUV not a compact around the 150 dollar range...

I can order them both in and return them with very litle work on my side of I can bring them both in and we can take a look at 'em next time you're up... OR if you want to take off the roof racks and I can get you a big one that hooks up like your roof rack... Everything is a clamp design with locks...and quick installation (ALLEN KEYS FTW)

Posted by fanoom on Dec 08, 2008
I had hopes that they would go on sale, but my lovely DC doesn't realize the benefits of putting seasonal goods on sale. anyone want carwash mits for xmas?

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 08, 2008
I think that smaller one should work fine. I can either email you the money, or give you my credit card?

I can't get up there till say...the weekend of the 20th at best, and my work xmas party is that Friday, so in all likelihood, won't be up till the Xmas stretch, which gives me time to get home and get some help putting the rack itself back on the car.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 08, 2008
You can pay for it when you come to pick it up Pete, no worries. It's not like you'll be drunk as shit at 2 in the morning and we decide to go get an oil filter, oil, and wiper blades because we realize we're going to be too hung over to get up while the store is actually open, eh Mike?

also, we can pull the car into the shop and install it in the heated indoors... Like I'll be doing with my racks in the next couple of days... Found out that I have to work on saturday so I was going to take off one day this week and get in some skiing...then found out that it's supposed to rain tomorrow....I guess I'll be banking my time for another day off...Was going to ask also how easy it is for either you or Mike to get off time with short notice...

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 08, 2008
I've got a pretty long leash, so in theory it's possible for me to get time off relatively easy. The next two weeks though is rough. We're moving offices this weekend, and I'm unsure of what to expect really in the, "OH GOD NO, THIS WASN'T PART OF THE PLAN" department, but suspect that they're be something.

But generally, to leave early on a given day isn't too hard.

spirokeet cup
Posted by noodle on Dec 08, 2008
i have officially named this years road hockey game after the glory days of noon hour floor hockey

the weekend of the 27-28th works best for me

Posted by noodle on Dec 08, 2008
i am also intrigued by the possibility of indoor floor hockey or parking lot road hockey...although i believe indoor limits the opportunities for mike to rule himself...unless there are supports or beams he could mangle himself which case, he will...

Posted by fanoom on Dec 08, 2008
indoor is a very remote possibility...and there will be fun things to run into such as shelving! and possibly a hoist!

Hey Mike, I heard about your dad. That's fucking shitty, but he's lucky...figure that one out :)

Posted by phduffy on Dec 08, 2008

I'm in.

Posted by James H> on Dec 17, 2008
I should be around for the most part. As for New Year's, I'd say my vote is for one last bash in the attic.

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 18, 2008
Has a day ultimately been decided for this? I think we can get the most people if it's the 27th?

Posted by fanoom on Dec 23, 2008
Man...I need to remember this place isn't like normal forums.... I posted on a new thread the 30th, this was based off our conversation the other day that you said you may need a few days to do work... I think trev is showing up on the 27th, 28th is the Marshall xmas... I really don't care what day it goes down, I'll make myself available.

New years is at my house. We've even decided to allow you smoking fuck heads to smoke in the front room (there's no heat, but you aren't outside). Cooper will be off site that evening so we don't need to "shhhh the baby" all night.

I will attempt to make parking available for 3 cars, the street for the rest of you... I have a spare bed (Seth's likely), two air matresses(I think), a futon, and a couch. Failing that someone can curl up with Roxy on her dog bed. Just stay the fuck out of the crib damnit! Hell for the night you could probably get away with parking at the school, I doubt anyone would care.

Posted by noodle on Dec 23, 2008
so when are we playing....has it been decided?