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Forum posts for XBox Saves Lives

Please splain me
Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2003
Nerheal, could you please explain to me again what to do so that the links work?

Are you supposed to leave, or not leave, white space?

Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2003
So I guess what the article is saying, is that if you strapped a bunch of Xboxes to your body, you'd be undeatable, and not in video game world, but in the real world.
Kind of like strapping two turtles to each other.

Posted by Vitaly on Dec 04, 2003
I think the article is saying that XBox is better than PS2

Thats what I got from it.

No Wait...
Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2003
Maybe if you strapped an XBox to the bottom of a turtle!

Yeah, that's it!

You'd be unstopable!

I don't think PS2 was mentioned.

The Turtle
Posted by Nerhael on Dec 04, 2003
I think we should really let the turtle decide on this one.

But really, what turtle is going to pick a shell over a gaming console with a 4gb hd and 4 controller ports running a 733mHz Intel Pentium 3 processor.

He might still move slow, but damn, he'll play games fast!!!

well what if...
Posted by mike on Dec 08, 2003
I half-heartedly believe that the x-box stopped a 9mm round, but I am VERY sure that a slug will fix it.

This could require some field tests. By the way Gord, when I came home last night your x-box was gone.

On a completely unrelated note: Gord, I DID NOT steal your x-box for testing.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 18, 2003
Vitaly, how could it be saying that?

The XBOX sucks donkey balls.

I thought everyone knew that?