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Forum posts for Top 100 albums of the 90s

Posted by phduffy on Oct 01, 2008

The 1970s

Posted by phduffy on Oct 01, 2008

The 1980s:

Posted by alltogethernow on Oct 02, 2008
I am not a music snob...

I also have no fucking clue what I should be listening too these days, besides some half-decent hiphop and ironic (now real) love of R Kells.

But, at the time I knew most of this music and loved the shit out of it. Actually it makes me want to go find a tonne of these albums I used to love but completely forgot about.

Especially Guided by Voices. Fuck they were great. I completely forgot they existed until seeing this list.

Posted by alltogethernow on Oct 02, 2008
Luckily my boyfriend miggs helps me out.

He knows what is hot and introduces it to plebs like myself.

Now, Miguel usually drops these bands as quick as he picks them up, but I thank him for his foresight, and knowledge of excellent music.

Posted by Nerhael on Oct 02, 2008
Just be thankful that he isn't making a mess of your computer getting it...

I don't understand his need to download the same album 7 times, 5 of which will get half downloaded...and sit there forever.