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Forum posts for so... for New Years...

More info
Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2003
I am going to copy what Katie said in the last post in this one. Her bit was posted after it had moved off the main page, so I'm not sure if everyone got to see it.
Read this before you vote:

Posted by Katie on Dec 02, 2003
Yes, it was perhaps my idea, first, to add a little pizazz to an otherwise annual party where you all do the same thing. But let me clarify a few things.

By suggesting Black Tie, I did not mean formal evening wear. That is a little outrageous. I just meant slightly dressy, semi formal clothing.

Why do I think this is a good idea? Some of us see eachother often, or often enough to not be surprised to see a new haircut or new shirt. But we don't often see anyone dressed in anything other than jeans, black pants, or a skirt on Jessie. So why not show up and have our friends say "wow Paul, you look amazing". Makes them feel good to hear it, and it makes you feel good to know that you have some pretty dandy friends.

And it does not mean that you have to go out an buy anything. I agree with Laura, everyone must have some kind of dress shirt in their closet, and everyone's dad has a tie they can borrow, and your mom probably has some lacy underwear you can put on for the end of the night strip tease. I didn't suggest it so that people would go out and buy some godawful Fairweather sparkly dresses (and if anyone likes those, I apologize). I suggested it so that we could do something a little different. Change is good people!

Lastly, I highly doubt that anyone would ruin their clothing. How many times have you ruined clothing in Brandon's attic? I have survivied so far, as I'm sure all of you who have been there many more times than me have also survived. If you weren't to go to Hanover, and were to stay in your respective towns, what would you be doing? Even if you wanted to just go out to a bar, you would probably have to adhere to some type of "Please dress up to make this different from every other night" dress code.

So I thank everyone who likes this idea, and I continue to be its cheerleader. Even if you won't dress up, I will. Dressing up is great!

ps. Martini's and dance floor sound amazing.

I say
Posted by Nerhael on Dec 04, 2003

new years
Posted by Polfuss on Dec 04, 2003
Now i'm still against this idea because that's how i dress every day for work

Posted by Miguel on Dec 04, 2003
Ye old yay

And polfuss, if you dont want to wear businessy clothing, then spend 20 bucks and get a sweet old blazer or crazy ass shirt. from a second hand place


Posted by phduffy on Dec 04, 2003
What's the verdict on bringing new people to New Years?


I say....
Posted by Katie on Dec 05, 2003
According to Miguel, I am not allowed to vote, because simply by talking, I am rocking the boat, if that makes sense.

But screw him. I vote yay.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 05, 2003
You get to vote.
How are you rocking the Kashbar?

More voting, less restrictions. You're supposed to keep things rocking!

we say...
Posted by Ophelia on Dec 08, 2003
Matt and I both say YAY...well, I'm not exactly sure what Matt thinks...but I'm sure that he will agree with whatever I have to say...LOL

Posted by Miguel on Dec 08, 2003

Hehehe that's the spirit Ophelia!


Way to keep your man in line!!!111 <------COMEDY!!!!1111<---------COMEDY!!!1111