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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for September 17th, 2008!

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 18, 2008
I've been linked to the consumerist enough to suggest taking them with a grain of salt. Their heads are so far up their own asses, sometimes I think they just don't think before they take a post on.

bonus quote
Posted by Katie on Sep 18, 2008
overheard at a baseball game.....

Random girl - hey, you're ummm......
Random guy - ya, aren't you......
Girl - Clancy right?
Guy - ya, I got your message, I was um, going to call you, it's just
Girl - don't worry, I took care of it
Guy - ........
Girl - morning after pill

Posted by bryan on Sep 18, 2008
I hate it when you run into the girl that might have accidentally impregnated. You were both drunk when it happened, but now your standing there, lucid, more naked than ever.

On the other hand, I love it when she takes care of all of your worries with a magic pill. No more late nights thinking about illegitimate children showing up the doorstep to your gated mansion in 20 years, seeking out a piece of the fortune you made gutting your father's widget business.

Posted by phduffy on Sep 19, 2008

Out of curiousity, what have you heard/seen on the consumerist which was wrong?

Also, this has to be fake, right?

Posted by fanoom on Sep 19, 2008
I hope that isn't fake cause my god that is amazing. I wonder if the parents knew before hand what they were naming their son

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 19, 2008
I know the thing they rant about that gets on my nerves is the whole 'show me your receipt' on the way out of cosco thing. It's like...seriously, if you care that much, DON'T FUCKING SHOP THERE. It's a lame loss prevention tactic, but it's what they ask. You fucking joined their membership cause you wanted the savings. Deal with it or go the fuck elsewhere. It's that simple. But they get seriously righteous about it. "I'm so cool, I told them I wouldn't show them, hur hur hur."

There was something else that I just thought was flat out wrong...but can't recall it.

Posted by bryan on Sep 22, 2008