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Forum posts for Canadian Politics

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 09, 2008
I saw a PC ad yesterday, that had the tagline along the lines of, "You're better off with Harper.", and laughed. It struck me as such a weak ass statement for a party hoping for reelection. How can they not make a more definitive statement than that?

Posted by crux on Sep 09, 2008
"Conservative Leader Stephen Harper apologized for the defecating puffin".

If this is the highlight of the political exchanges for this particular election, I for one am entirely satisfied.

Meanwhile, Jack Layton is commenting on the issue from a pub at breakfast time.

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 09, 2008
The mustache was thirsty.

Posted by bryan on Sep 10, 2008
Harper and his crew of jerkwads are going to ride that image of Dion shrugging all the way to a majority.

Posted by phduffy on Sep 10, 2008

Bryan, your post in the other thread about how many lights there are... was briliant.

Also: May/Green should be in the debate.

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 10, 2008
Felt this just needed posting somewhere.