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Forum posts for Oops... Wine NOW WITH CORRECT LINK!

Posted by alltogethernow on Sep 04, 2008
Wrong Link?

Posted by phduffy on Sep 04, 2008

You know who didn't post any wrong links?

John McCain, during the 5 and a half years he spent in a Hanoi prison.

Posted by alltogethernow on Sep 04, 2008
you think bamboo cages come with free wifi?

Besides Obama hadn't invented the internet yet

Posted by bryan on Sep 04, 2008
Is everyone else as frightened/aroused by Palin as I am?

I don't know if she has enough character to lead. The kind of character you develop telling the commies that there are four lights during a 5 year stay the Hanoi Hilton.

Patrick Stewart 4 prez!

Posted by Katie on Sep 05, 2008
That's probably the closest I'll ever get to seeing Patrick Stewart's ass.

He can count on my vote.

Posted by crux on Sep 05, 2008
That is positively my favorite Star Trek: TNG episode ever.

Posted by bryan on Sep 05, 2008