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Forum posts for Warning!

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 30, 2008
Agreed. Here's my rough evaluation:

Animation: Awesome
Animatronics: .....I expected much better, but cool designs
Acting: Bad
Dialogue: Really bad
Plot: Jesus christ....can we leave yet?
Music: Also pretty terrible at times, often felt...very inappropriate for the scene.

So um...yeah, good times were not had.

Posted by fanoom on Jul 30, 2008
When you guys went and saw this movie did you have any preconcieved ideas about how the movie would be? As far as plot and story would go? The first movie wasn't all that good, and I don't expect anything better out of the second one...

I demand a review! a proper one...and TODAY

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 30, 2008
I saw the first one in the theatre, and enjoyed it. Fun and not much more than you expected.

I expected about that from this. was just, cringe worthy at times. Everything seemed more ridiculous than the first one, so that you couldn't really buy into anything. Yeah, it's a comic book movie, so gotta have some suspension of disbelief...but yeah, just couldn't do it.

I don't know, I've just never been so turned off by something I expected to just enjoy as a popcorn flick.

Posted by Nerhael on Jul 30, 2008
I think one issue with it was that....there were all these little story pieces that were interesting, or could have been interesting, but never really got more than a single scene, so the flow of the movie felt all over the place, and some scenes, felt like they needed more built up to them to carry them better.

Posted by fanoom on Jul 30, 2008
Was just doing some research into the movie and it appears the writing/directing credits all go to Guillermo del Toro... The more I see the director having a ton of control like that, the more I'm disappointed in the overall outcome of a movie.

But now that my expectations is for total crap, I'm more then confident that I will actually enjoy this movie (This coming from the guy who still wastes his money renting "insert genre name" MOVIE!)