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Forum posts for Scientology buys Cult Awareness Network

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 18, 2008
wtf... it worked in preview.. PEEEETE

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 18, 2008
Also from the youtube links... this wonderful gem

You all stupids, talkinĀ“bout u dunno! STFU! Why 2 attck SC! theyre prolly only gettin funds 2 keep Xenu freezed! Whats bad on it? Who pays the elect. bill? Yo allĀ“R gonna keep ur mouth shouted when a Protoss comander come to kill U all for opposing SC! Maverik is gonna shoot U all from his ultramatic-sistematic-Douglas-DC8 spaceship! The true is that alens, predators nd unbelivers JOIN3D X3NU!! BUT YOU ALL CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!

Posted by fanoom on Jun 20, 2008
What? No... but we have someone who signed a declariation that she was a stripper, so obviously that annonymous person was correct...

This sort of shit gets me everytime, makes you wonder what kind of weak minded individual must join up with something that is so wrong that it will warp everything around it to just prove it's right....

That being said, I just built a spaceship in my garage and I'm flying to mars this afternoon, if you'd like to come with me, please deposit all of your life savings into this numbered account 384729304728320078736 and bring a shovel and a bag of lime.