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Forum posts for It's demographics, you stupid pricks

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 10, 2008

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 11, 2008
you didn't explain

Posted by Miguel on Jun 11, 2008
why didn't you explain?

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 11, 2008
let me guess?

you mean the liquor store isn't selling as much beer because people don't go to the LCBO for brew? they usually go to the beer store.... and the mincing wine-loving fru-fru lady-boys go to the LCBO to buy their fine vintages...?

i have no real clue what you are getting at duffy...

Posted by Miguel on Jun 11, 2008
how is babby formed?

how girl get pragnent?

Posted by phduffy on Jun 11, 2008
busy, still planning to answer

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 11, 2008
I'm gonna assume baby boomers being the root cause. Age being my assumed dominating factor in wine consumption over other choices.

Posted by fanoom on Jun 11, 2008
It's not really an assumption... I'm sure most of us have experienced seeing our parents getting into the fruity beverage more and more in recent years... I know my father went from occasionally drinking wine to swilling it daily.

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 11, 2008
Yeah, just didn't happen for my own. Father is still a beer consumer, mom stopped drinking completely. I know Duffy's parents seemed to get more and more into it though.

Posted by Miguel on Jun 12, 2008
As I grow older I start enjoying the sumptuous, sophisticated delights that only Tequiza provides.

As I grow older I also enjoy impressing groups of teenagers with Tequiza related feats of strength, such as "Tequiza pushups". This is accomplished by doing a push-up, dranking a Tequiza, and usually repeating the process twice, at which point the teenagers usually decline my offer.

Posted by phduffy on Jun 14, 2008
It's pretty much been said. Basically, as people get older they tend to drink more wine. The wine industry has known this for years, and both the wine and beer industries knew that this was coming. But the wine industry can't just say "oh, it's because people are older", they have to invent some bullshit about the increased sophistication. And people want to believe that, because they want to think that they're drinking wine because there's something better 'about them'. They want to attach some normative value to the numbers game.

Posted by bryan on Jun 17, 2008
When I drink a little wine, I am a little better. I drink more wine, and then I get more better.

Miguel, I am wondering what do you offer the teenagers? Please post pics.