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Forum posts for When the wind attacks

Posted by Katie on Apr 29, 2008
ha, that was fun. It really just seemed to blow up.

But just to calm any irrational fears, the turbine that is at the lake in Toronto is actually designed to turn off in high winds (hence why some days it's not moving at all even though your car's being shoved around on the highway). I also think that it has an additional control mechanism that only allows it to spin at a certain rpm.

And yes, that field sometimes seems unnecessary, especially when the title is descriptive.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 29, 2008
Have definitely had a few days of "It's SOOO windy out, why isn't the damned thing turning?" But it is far newer, so has likely been built very differently than one that's alone in a pastoral field in the middle of nowhere.

I guess the thing is people need to write more descriptive titles.

Posted by Katie on Apr 29, 2008
that commercial was super cute. At first, I thought the guy was some type of claymation, but by the end I figured he was real. Although strange looking.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 29, 2008
He's definitely a little for the strange, also, very tall I think.