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Forum posts for like the green, green grass of summer

You beat me to it!
Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2003
I don't get the first post in this category...

Micheal Jackson is an interesting question. Is it okay to listen to someone's music if they're a pedophile? I know that alot of stadiums stopped playing Rock and Roll part 2 once they found out that Gary Glitter was a pedo.

As for Radiohead... you can like them or not, but I wouldn't use the argument that "how can that many fans be wrong?" since in sales terms they get crushed by the likes of music dynamos Limp Bisquit, NSync, Celine Dion, etc.

Suggestiosn wanted
Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2003
Okay, I want to make a funk/soul album.
So far I ahve 11 songs. I need more.
Here's the songs I have:

Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye + Shaggy
Can't Get Enough of Your Love Barry White
Let's Get It On Marvin Gaye
Billie Jean Micheal Jackson
Don't Stop till You Get Enough Micheal Jackson
Shaft Isaac Hayes
Play that Funky Music (white boy) Wild Cherry
Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud James Brown
Papas got a Brand New Bag James Brown
You Sexy Thing (I believe in Miracles) Hot Chocolate
ABC 123 Jackson 5

Any other suggestions?

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 01, 2003
I don't think he is a pedofile, it seems like he is incappable of sexual feelings of any kind. It is weird that he sleeps in the same bed as a bunch of kids, but more likley is he is just messed up and obviously wants a childhood now. I don't want to turn this into a Michael Jackson debate though. It's just about the music!

Posted by Polfuss on Dec 01, 2003
how about some neil young

Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2003
I don't think Neil Young would fit in with what I'm looking for...

Okay, assume that MJ is guilty.
Would you buy his music then?

What about R Kelly?

oh my paul
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 01, 2003
you need some old stevie wonder
superstious would be my pick..
a better baseline cannot be found

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 02, 2003
assuming he is...

I don't buy anyone's music, I am saving all my money for a nice backpack and a plane ticket

more music
Posted by Polfuss on Dec 02, 2003
ok how about Ray Charles

Posted by mike on Dec 02, 2003
Norman Greenblum - Spirit in the Sky.

That is what's missing off of every album these days.

Not sure...
Posted by phduffy on Dec 03, 2003
I think Ray Charles might be a little too much soul and not quite enough funk.
Have any specific song suggestions?

your missing out
Posted by nszyngie on Dec 04, 2003
George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars!
We Want the Funk!
Gotta have the Funk!

This NEEDS to be on your list. George Clinton (and Parliament) are all about funk. Very booty-licious indeed.

Posted by nszyngie on Dec 04, 2003
Proper track listing to aid your search:

Get Up for the Downstroke - Parliament

Tear the Roof off the Sucker (Give up the Funk) - Parliament

Mothership Connection (Star Child) - Parliament

Atomic Dog - George Clinton (this is before Snoop Dogg btw)

Flash Light - George Clinton

George Clinton's work is some of the most heavily sampled in today's hip hop and r&b. Whether it be his basslines, drums, synths, or lyrics - his work is ever present.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 13, 2003
I was actually listening to a radio program about G Clinton, and his influence on today's rappers. Basically, it's like this: West Coast : Sample Clinton
East Coast: Sample James Brown.