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Forum posts for MS Walk

Posted by jessie on Mar 26, 2008
if you feel like sponsoring a specific member of the team, jessie baran is a good choice for the following reasons:

1. she is very close to her goal of $1000 and YOU could put her over the edge
2. she will bake you cookies
3. she bought a special walking outfit that only goes with smiles, and she will be all frowns if she doesn't reach her goal...

or sponsor the team, whatevs!

Posted by weberm1 on Mar 26, 2008
Step it up man, seriously. Jessica is kicking your fundraising ass. and really, your unemployed and have NOTHING BUT TIME. :)

(yes, i will make this a competition if it means raising more money)

Posted by jessie on Mar 26, 2008
please do not take the previous post to mean in any way that you should sponsor bryan poetz over jessie baran.

keep in mind the cute walking outfit only matches smiles.

and i heard a rumour that all the puppies in the world will be so upset by jessie baran not reaching her goal that they will commit mass suicide. and baby pandas too.

Posted by bryan on Mar 26, 2008
Looks like I've got the governor of California in my camp Jessie.

You are in trouble. He is an austrian robot, he doesn't care about puppies or pandas, just lifting weights, sexually harassing interns, breaking down stereotypes associated with male reproduction and kicking MS in the nuts.

Posted by jessie on Mar 27, 2008
psshaawww, it hardly matters if Arnold cares, it is the wolfshack readers that matter.

and how can they possibly want this puppy to event consider suicide?"> name="wmode" value="transparent">