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Forum posts for TTC Douchebaggery

Posted by Katie on Mar 11, 2008
I would concur that most other cities seem to have transit much more "right" than Toronto. I've visited a lot of countries, and been on a lot of transit systems, and on not a single one of those other systems have I been forced to sit in a black tunnel for 45 minutes while there is a power outtage (likely due to someone killing themselves). Neither have I had to listen to announcements of a delay due to personal illness/injury, or mechanical problems.

The best example I have is in Korea, where the subway (both in Seoul and in Busan) were ridiculously punctual, never slowed down, never sped up, just kept going at their regular pace so that you always ALWAYS knew how long it was going to take you to get to your destination. You literally knew that it would take 3 minutes between certain stops and 4 between the ones further apart, etc., and could count on it.

I don't know about your situation Pete, but that dude does seem like a huge asshole. Honestly though, most of my issues with the subway are related to sick or stupid passengers it seems like. Once a guy decided to run down the tracks at High Park station and was followed by the cops so the whole system shut down for like an hour. And the number of times that I've been stopped in the morning because someone passed out or was drugged out and puking, it's pretty strange when you think about it. Do people in other countries just not get sick, or does the transit system not care? I saw some very VERY drunk men on the Korean subway and people pretty much just let them pass out on the floor.

Anyway. Long answer to your long rant. I agree that something is desperately wrong with our system, and I think it needs some severe looking at in terms of service offerings, but I don't know if every problem can be blamed on the TTC.

Posted by crux on Mar 11, 2008
I pay $110 a month to arrive at King & Bathurst just in time to watch 3 street cars (2 of which are empty) go through the same yellow light. Would it be totally out of the question for 1 of those cars to wait for the next light on the off chance that someone might actually want to ride it? I'm not buying the theory that they have to do that to keep to their schedule because 3 cars running bumper to bumper tells me the schedule (if there ever was one to begin with) is clearly fucked at this point. So then I wait 20+ minutes for the next street car which promptly (by the way, this is the ONLY thing they can do promptly) kicks everyone off and drives away empty leaving even more people to jam on the next one when it finally arrives. The TTC is only the "better way" if the alternative is crawling on your hands and knees through broken glass and scorpions. I could save myself the money and hassle and just walk to and from work. It would take less than an hour each way. But I shouldn't have to as we have a mass transit system, and I know it doesn't have to suck. I shouldn't find myself getting legitimately nostalgic for the subway system of a foreign country everyday on my way to work.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 11, 2008
Oh, and did anyone else read today that they're threatening a strike for April?

Though after reading about that, if the only special concession they have is for TTC workers on leaves due to being attacked, I can't argue that as not being fair.

I think one of the reasons that in terms of worker attitude at least, we might experience something different than other, especially Eastern cultures, is that kids in our culture are fucking punks. More and more kids grow up with no respect for the people that do jobs like the TTC it seems, so I think perhaps they become unsensitized so that they feel less when dealing with kids like that.

The number of assaults etc on TTC drivers definitely seems to have hit some sort of high point of late, so not sure what that is all about. I would say that it's gotta be a bit of a degenerative circle though, where one sides attitude negatively affects the other, but then their response in turn encourages more of their own downward slide in attitude. Bleh.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 11, 2008
All of you are absolutely right that the state of public transit in our city is a disgrace. You dont even have to consider the world class systems of Tokyo or Sweden to see that Toronto is in trouble. The Lisbon metro is both more comprehensive and better run than the TTC, and Portugal is a borderline second world country.

But I will say a few things in defence of the TTC.

1) The money situation is all kinds of fucked up. Harris downloaded a bunch of costs to the city, and cuts back budgets, and it just hasnt been the same since. The TTC needs a permanent yearly increase to help meet its maintenance and service costs, not 900 million to help fund white elephant expansions that go nowhere and are underused. Here is a quick hint- DON'T EXPAND UNTILL YOU GET THE EXISTING ROUTES FIXED.

2) Yes TTC drivers can be surly, rude, and downright insane sometimes. especially when compared to their asian counterparts. Here's the thing.....a Tokyo bus or subway driver does not have to deal with harassments, verbal and physical abuse and overall rudeness of a large part of passengers. When in Tokyo we gaijin were clearly the rudest people on the subway by far, everyone else was uber quiet and minding their business. Compare that to recent articles of drivers getting spat on, punched etc.
(Japanese people, much like Koreans do get insanely drunk, and no one does much more than just try to wake them up or leave them alone....we should do the same here, instead of stopping the fucking train and inconveniencing hundreds of people for one drunk douche)

Posted by Miguel on Mar 11, 2008
Damn you Pete, you stole my point!

Posted by Katie on Mar 11, 2008
Portugal is a borderline second world country?????

I think you maybe need to visit some second world countries first, because I just can't believe that.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 11, 2008
Well no one really uses first, second or thirld world country labels anymore, not since the cold war anyways.

Second World was mostly used to define the countries that encopassed the Soviet Union. Portugal is without a doubt a developed economy no matter how you look at it, but on most economic and social measurements it ends up at the bottom of the list of those upper tier countries.

For example this link is the Human Development Index

Portugal is right besides cyprus and brunei...not exactly economic or quality of life powerhouses. It's a beautiful country, I love it to death....but its usually considered one of the weakest countries in the EU, right alongside greece (not counting the weird baltic countries that joined recently)

Posted by Katie on Mar 11, 2008
Didn't that list put Portugal in the "high" grouping for development? And it was only halfway down the high grouping at that.

They didn't mention first, second or third world, but I would think they could equate to the high, medium and low groupings.

Anyway. I think you're being a bit harsh on your native land, even if it doesn't have a super star economy.