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Forum posts for Dinner Impossible:

Posted by Katie on Mar 03, 2008
Poor Mona being called out on national tv!! Paul, do you corroborate or disagree with your brother's opinions?

btw Matt, kudos on impressing David Lee - best meal experience I ever had (yet) was at Splendido. I hope your stage there was much better than at Rain.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 03, 2008
Also...that guy...the one who's all like, "I don't care who he is or what he thinks about my cooking." might possibly qualify for an award for stupidity.

I feel like his best aspirations are to be a short order cook in a diner when I hear him open his mouth... Alex seems almost sensible next to him.

Posted by Mona on Mar 03, 2008
from a girlfriends in email..about the last episode

#1.. Fuck ... stew again !

#2. Fuckery

(both by Matt)

I actually thought my stew was great, but Matt always preferred hot dogs and cheez whiz ! LOL

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 03, 2008
Ooooh, hot dogs with cheese whiz was a personal favourite of mine as well. I'd also use peanut butter. Good stuff.

Posted by crux on Mar 03, 2008
I'm sorry, did you mean to suggest that you ate hot dogs with peanut butter? Do I have that right? No wonder you went vegetarian. Hot dogs aren't exactly Grade A quality meat, but man they deserve better than that. Of course while typing this I realize I've never actually tried hot dogs and peanut butter...and now I'm curious.

Also, the term "Fuckery" on national television made me happy on several levels. Thank you Matt.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 03, 2008
Yeah, it was awesome, not on a bun or anything.

You just cook a hot dog, slice it down the middle, and jam some peanut butter in there, and eat it up.

Posted by Katie on Mar 03, 2008
I second wonder you're a vegetarian.

And seriously Pete, if you do considering turning your world upside down and eating meat again.......please please PLEASE let me cook you your first meal. I cannot have it be hot dogs and peanut butter.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 03, 2008
Haha, god, I'm not switching back for shit like that.

So far, I've had a morsel of steak, (at Iain's bachelor party), and a morsel of pea meal bacon, which I thought was too thin, and wasn't all that tasty.

Posted by mike on Mar 03, 2008
You had gravy too. Real gravy apparently. And a bunch of booze.

Posted by Katie on Mar 03, 2008
Whaaaat? And you didn't try the drunken pot roast? I am upset.

Posted by Katie on Mar 03, 2008
oops. I meant pork roast.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 03, 2008
I've kinda always done gravy.

I was incredibly drunk when I had the piece of steak.

The pea meal was only about a week ago.

All still new to me.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 04, 2008
Considering the meat you ate, hot dogs with peanut butter and hamburgers swimming in ketchup, it's not hard to believe that you became a vegetarian.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 04, 2008
Well, I think that assuming had I eating things *you* guys consider more delicious, that I would never have switched to be largely incorrect.

I don't think anything would have changed my mind that day.