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Forum posts for Paul's movies for February

Posted by phduffy on Mar 02, 2008
Le Samourai (Melville)

Fantastic movie about a french assassin. This is a classic, so I probably don’t have to add much, but this movie is great. If you like your noir, rent it now.

Kicking and Screaming ( Baumbach)
Movie about a bunch of people the year after they graduate from university. Set in 1995, which seemed like another time - everyone wears tweed jackets, smokes, there are no cell phones, and we only see a computer once. I’ve read some great reviews of this, but it didn’t really connect with me. I suspect you could make a movie about that year about university that would connect with me, but this wasn’t it.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 03, 2008
Review of Juno I found online:

So, I finally saw Juno the other night (actually bought tickets for ”No Country...”, but after the first two minutes my wife decided she didn’t want to see that kind of movie so we snuck into Juno). I agree with the consensus: Juno was fun and clever and Ellen Page is dynamite (as were her movie parents). The single thing that bothered me about the movie, however, was the soundtrack. I found it too present, too intrusive. Otherwise, I give Juno three and 1/2 imprimaturs!