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Forum posts for Hockey

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 01, 2003
I'm against boxing day. I have usually missed out on the hockey deal because I can't get back to Hanover that early. Last year I got there for the 28th or something, and we played either then, or the 29th. I would love to play again, but can't get there any earlier this year.

So I think the 28th and later would be best for me. Yay to waiting? I love you guys!!!!

Posted by krys on Dec 01, 2003
i agree with pete, although i don't usually play.. i like to watch and the 28th, or 29th would be awesome.

flipitty flop
Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2003
To start off with I am going to voice my opinion that December 28 or 29th are completely unnacceptable dates for hockey.
Secondly I am going to say that I only have a few scheduling problems with the 28 or 29.
Thirdly I am only going to mildly object to the 28 or the 29.
Lastly I am going to wholeheartedly agree that the 28 or 29 of December would be an excellent day for hockey provided that everyone understand that I don't have a clue what I am talking about because I have no idea what the Christams schedule is like this year.

Posted by Polfuss on Dec 01, 2003
don't think that the 29 or the 28 will be very good as i have to work but whatever I don't realy care

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 01, 2003
That's a sunday. You work on the sunday?

When are you off during holidays gord? Who else is working during that time?

Posted by Polfuss on Dec 01, 2003
i don't work on the sunday but i will have to get back to kitchener on the sunday and playing road hockey without getting a little dunk and high is just not as much fun

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 01, 2003
I'll grant you that. Um...when are you off again then? Do you just get new years day off?

Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2003
I am off work from noon on Dec. 24 untill Jan. 1.
Mostly due to my awesomeness.

What are the schedules of others involved?

Why do you have to work GWH?

What do I mean by GWH?

28th 29th
Posted by Numinous on Dec 01, 2003
I am off the 24 at 7
off the 25 and the 26
work the 27
off the 28th
work 29,30
off 31and the 1st
work the 2nd

so the 28th and the 29 is a no go for me
because work likes to fuck me

Posted by Miguel on Dec 01, 2003
I can go anytime after the 26th....but I suck.

So no one cares.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2003
Miguel, if you were to go, would you suck?

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 01, 2003
i don't care when it is .. i am off from the 19th to the 5th
so whatever..

time off
Posted by Polfuss on Dec 02, 2003
Basicaly I get the stat holidays and the weekends no extra time off at least i don't think so

Posted by mike on Dec 02, 2003
Allright, this year we may have to do hockey twice to get everyone involved.

We will break into 2 teams. Team 1 will be people who want to play early in the christmas break. Team 2 will be the people who want to play late in the christmas break.

Unfortunately the two teams won't be present to play each other so each team (on their chosen day) will have to get out all the hockey equipment and get all of their booze etc. and put it in one spot. They will then partake of ALL of their booze etc. and stand 15m away from the goal. Each team member gets 5 shots at the net. The team who ends up with the most goals wins the game. The team who can't actually stand up to take shots at the nets just wins in general. Scoring will of course depend completely on the honour system and in the end everybody wins.

Hopefully it won't come to this, but this is a possible solution to the scheduling nightmare I am seeing through the posts.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 27, 2004
I just want to see if this works.

Fucking best website ever

I will cross my fingers.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 28, 2004
What exactly were you trying out there?

Not much
Posted by phduffy on Apr 28, 2004
I just wanted to see if I could get the aref type stuff to work.
So that I can link to websites without copying out the website, but just putting in some hilarious words instead.