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Forum posts for R.I.P Suspect Video (Queen Location)

Posted by phduffy on Feb 20, 2008
Apparently Duke's Cycle had been there since 1914.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 20, 2008
They were also largely douches that ran it.

This is almost hyperbole in how exaggerated it may seem, but is in fact what happened to me. I had a broken bike part that they claimed would require 130 dollars to replace after looking at it to determine what needed replacing. My father, who is not a bike mechanic, looks at the part later when I was not quite willing to fork over that much cash to 'fix' a part that couldn't possible be worth that much whole, and says 'well, it looks like just this one part is broken really', so we track down the one part, and lo and behold, 4 dollars later, I have everything working again.

I'd had other bad experiences with them, and I know others that hated them as well.

I'm not saying 'YAY!! BURN BABY BURN!', just that length of occupation in a spot doesn't exactly make a great business.

Posted by Miguel on Feb 20, 2008
1914? Those are some very old douches!

As if
Posted by Palmer on Feb 20, 2008
Man, when I heard about the fire this afternoon all I could think about is "Man, I'm heading in Toronto this weekend. I hope this hasn't affected New York Subway or Suspect Video."

Tis a shame. Miguel, I feel for you.

Posted by crux on Feb 20, 2008
At lunch today I was sitting beside a different set of bike selling douches. I gathered they work at a smaller store on Queen (possibly the one I can't remember the name of close to Shaw), and were discussing at length how great it was that Duke's burned to the ground. I freely admit that I can be a little heartless at times, but this made me slightly sick.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 20, 2008
Yeah, I don't wish that on them. It definitely blows, as they lost god knows how much inventory that you can only hope was fully insured, and untold amounts of old stuff they can't replace that had been collected since...well, 1914.

Posted by jessie on Feb 20, 2008
sucks, but i got the day off work...