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Forum posts for scam?

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 19, 2008
Definitely a scam.

Just search for the subject line on google and it comes up a lot.

Also, any organization with that kind of cash to give would not be using hotmail addresses.

You can hack a 'from' line to show up as anything though, hence the purdue part there.

Posted by crux on Feb 19, 2008
Yah, these guys are plaguing my sites lately. It's 110% positively a scam straight out of Nigeria. They pop up faster than I can kill them off...

Gravity Train
Posted by Miguel on Feb 19, 2008
Hello Wolfshack,

This is Leon Sumbitches, real name Brian Wheat (as I will prove later). My uncle Mengis Adoso, as you have heard, is involved to the ongoing ties between the decomissioned American embassy in Switzerland and my home of Mombasa. At stake, and needing financial asylum, is our family fortune (made largely in oil). Your comission will be 20% of held funds. We need your contact by no later than this evening.

To call this a small matter would be ridiculous.

Enrichingly Yours,

Leom Sumbitches (nee Brian Wheat)

attch: brian_wheatproof.exe