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Forum posts for Dumbasses

I love you Brandon
Posted by pudding on Feb 04, 2008
I am sure you were ready to throw someone through the wall after this, but you made my Monday morning.

Have a great week everyone

I love Brandon more, but not as much as
Posted by crux on Feb 04, 2008
But speaking of dumbasses:

The number one complaint my site gets is from people who are seriously outraged that we have the gall to charge money for a service they feel should be entirely free to them by virtue of their having an internet connection. To read some of these messages you'd think that the absolute worst possible thing that could and is happening in their lives is the fact that some company expects them to pay a fee for a service which they are under no obligation to use. Our services are in no way a necessity nor is my company a charitable organization. Now granted we do advertise our site as "Free", but there are a lot of things you can do without paying a dime. Also, "Free" is pretty much an industry standard mis-truth. (And if "Free" actually meant free everywhere on the Internet we'd all have approximately 1000 iPods each.) You don't see a lot of sites advertising themselves as "100% you-have-to-pay-us-to-do-anything Online Dating Site!!!1". Also, there are quite a few legitimately free dating sites out there. So instead of spending 20 minutes composing a venomous rant (which my Customer Support department will either delete without reading or reply to in a most inappropriate fashion [not inappropriate as in rude, they just tend to send replies which have positively nothing to do with the question] 40 days later) to us explaining why we won't be getting your business and therefore shouldn't care about you at all, why not join one of them instead? True the majority of completely free dating sites suck and have really small membership bases, but that's because they're almost entirely funded by banner advertisement revenue and are only free because they're trying to increase their membership numbers so they can start charging monthly subscriptions and actually turn a profit.

Posted by Numinous on Feb 04, 2008
I can beat that.


guy walks in.
customer "Cardboard boxes, know anything about them?"
Me "No and are box guy is off today."

customer "Is the box guy in?."
Me "......... no."

Posted by crux on Feb 04, 2008
Okay, with regards to dumb ass customers you win this round. But here's an old favorite of mine from the dumb ass co-worker category:

Random Customer Support Girl:

"Seth, is Mississauga in the same Time Zone as Toronto?"

re: the majority of completely free dating sites suck
Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 04, 2008
this is true. i heard really good things about but could not bear to look at the horrible design of the site

okcupid is pretty fun, there are fun tests like zombie scenario survival tests and star trek trivia. plus it is where i met my boyfriend.

brandon... i have a question about car parts... is it okay to ask?

Posted by fanoom on Feb 05, 2008
Ask away, but be warned, the answer will likely be 12.