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Forum posts for Important Information about New Years!

gift exchange..etc
Posted by krys on Nov 30, 2003
i would like to propose that their should be some sort of guidelines of the gift exchange this year.. since i got shafted last year.. and yes i guess porno and rum.. and a cigar are valid gifts for some people.. just not me..
it just sucked buying a good gift and getting that..
so.. what are the guidelines.. i dunno.. that's where you, the people come into play..
....useful gifts i think would be better.. whether it be a vibrator, a wrestling championship belt, movies, frying pans, knives.. or what have you.. i don't think i am being too outrageous..
what are your thoughts???

and about the "black tie" thing.. i believe this could be a good idea if their is purpose behind it.. dressing up is always fun..

new years dress up
Posted by Ophelia on Dec 01, 2003
I think that we should do the whole black tie affair...seriously, how fun would that be? And then we could clear out the one half of the attic and turn it into a dance floor! Woo!....that sounds like reason enough for me!

Posted by Polfuss on Dec 01, 2003
now paul i always wear collered shirts I assume though that my regular shirts would not be allowed, would jeans be allowed? hmmm....... many options

Unilpogo Equasar
Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2003
There should definitely be rules for the gift exchange. For instance if you buy porn, rum, and a cigar you should definitely have to write on the packaging "not for Krys". If you ask me though the whole story of porn, rum, and a cigar at the gift exchange sounds suspect. Who could really be that inconsiderate anyway?

Also I cannot support the black tie affair idea. I am on the verge of having no money so I can't afford to get a black tie let alone completely wreck it at new years. Actually I could wear a Christmas tie at new years if that would be acceptable. I am only willing to commit to the tie however, a total dress up is going to require someone to commit to a little more convincing of myself.

new years
Posted by Numinous on Dec 01, 2003
I am with mike on this I think the black tie is a great idea but new years is the wrong time.

i feel pretty
Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 01, 2003
maybe not black tie, but certainly everyone has dress clothes,

maybe semi-formal but only black and green or blue and white, etc.

or a tropical theme which would call for big silly flowers in our hair and fruity drinks and corona

or togas - only hilarity can result

Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2003
Okay, there were three people that proposed the black tie thing. I posted this as a favour to them. I assumed that they would post something in the forum about their reasonsing...
Now, I don't want to name names, but I'm waiting for Pete, Katie, or Miguel to post something here.

did I hear togas?
Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2003
Toga! Toga! Toga!
Toga Party.

Posted by krys on Dec 01, 2003
i agree with laura with the tropical theme.. corona and big flowers sounds awesome..
i am really unsure about the dressing up theme though.. because.. yes we aren't very careful at new years.. and things/clothing could get wrecked for sure..

Holy Shit!
Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2003
Let’s make this the awesomest new year’s ever by jamming everyones ideas together into some kind of horrible amalgum of theme party’s.

We can have a semi-formal/black tie/toga/silly flowers in our hair/BBB/retro/fall down drunk fest. Upon further examination this is mostly all of Laura’s ideas jammed together. Anyway, the point still stands.

Posted by mike on Dec 01, 2003
We could have a random Theme party. By htat I mean that it is established that the party will have a theme. Each person's theme will be different, something they made up themselves. Then we will all show up dressed completely different and we can have some good fun trying to figure out what each person believes the theme to be.

This way there are no arguments. If you want it to be a "black tie affair" go nuts. If you want a tropical party then get to it. If you want a toga, more power to you. If you want a nudist party then expect people to stare.

i think you get the point.

First off
Posted by Nerhael on Dec 01, 2003
I wasn't aware I was an originator of the black tie theme.

I will state that I think it could be fun. I never really get dressed up. THe last/only weddings I've been to, I just wore old khakis and a blue long sleeved button up shirt. Jebus...that took a lot of adjectives to describe one shirt. Shouldn't it feel special.

Anyhow, I have never ruined a piece of clothing at new years, knock on wood to ware any spirits that think now would be the perfect time to destroy that record. I don't think this new years will present an increased likelihood of clothing ruination.

I also don't think the idea is to wear a tux. I was planning on wearing my 5 dollar jacket from Value Village when I first heard of this. There's no need to go out and buy a fancy silk tie, or a suit made of the skin of a crocodile. Though I will give props to anyone that could dreg up a suit 1800's styles. Top hat and all.

Anyhow, just my thoughts of the moment.

Here I am
Posted by Miguel on Dec 01, 2003
Sorry, Ive been quite busy liberating Japan from filthy Northern Japanese Commie scum in this game im playing.

As for the "black tie" new years. Lets change the name of it right now....What we were thinking was simply dressing up in any way you want. You could go in a tux or in a sweet 8 dollar blazer from Value Village.....actually I would probably like it even more if everyone was in crazy dresses and blazers. We could make martinis and just add whatever classy touches we want. I will probably drink a mixture of Old English and White Chocolate liqueur....delicious. Anything is pretty much good as long as its not the same old jeans and t-shirt.

We've had a themed New Years Eve before, who could forget the Neo-Tokyo party? Lets spice up New Years like old folks going through a mid-life crisis who turn to rim jobs and threesomes to get those juices flowing again!


i am with miguel
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 01, 2003
yeah miguel fuck up those commies

i am with miguel everyone dresses up is semi-formal retarded ware from value village or sally anne.. so it doesn't matter if you trash your clothing..

come on you could dress like a pimp in a lime green suit..
you know you love it

5 words. Either you know or you don't.
Posted by mike on Dec 02, 2003
Mississauga Golf and Country Club.

the originator speaks
Posted by Katie on Dec 02, 2003
Yes, it was perhaps my idea, first, to add a little pizazz to an otherwise annual party where you all do the same thing. But let me clarify a few things.

By suggesting Black Tie, I did not mean formal evening wear. That is a little outrageous. I just meant slightly dressy, semi formal clothing.

Why do I think this is a good idea? Some of us see eachother often, or often enough to not be surprised to see a new haircut or new shirt. But we don't often see anyone dressed in anything other than jeans, black pants, or a skirt on Jessie. So why not show up and have our friends say "wow Paul, you look amazing". Makes them feel good to hear it, and it makes you feel good to know that you have some pretty dandy friends.

And it does not mean that you have to go out an buy anything. I agree with Laura, everyone must have some kind of dress shirt in their closet, and everyone's dad has a tie they can borrow, and your mom probably has some lacy underwear you can put on for the end of the night strip tease. I didn't suggest it so that people would go out and buy some godawful Fairweather sparkly dresses (and if anyone likes those, I apologize). I suggested it so that we could do something a little different. Change is good people!

Lastly, I highly doubt that anyone would ruin their clothing. How many times have you ruined clothing in Brandon's attic? I have survivied so far, as I'm sure all of you who have been there many more times than me have also survived. If you weren't to go to Hanover, and were to stay in your respective towns, what would you be doing? Even if you wanted to just go out to a bar, you would probably have to adhere to some type of "Please dress up to make this different from every other night" dress code.

So I thank everyone who likes this idea, and I continue to be its cheerleader. Even if you won't dress up, I will. Dressing up is great!

ps. Martini's and dance floor sound amazing.