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Forum posts for Heath Ledger died

Posted by Palmer on Jan 23, 2008
Yeah that is pretty crazy. It is a shame. I can't say I have a grand list of actors that I enjoy but I did enjoy him. I especially am looking forward to seeing him as the Joker.

tsk tsk
Posted by weberm1 on Jan 23, 2008
duffy, show some respect for the dead and call him by his proper first name. :)

i agree, so sad. i liked him too.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 23, 2008
duffy, show some respect for the dead and call him by his proper first name. :)

Wow, i hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out. Weird. I've fixed it now.

Apparently he had a really hard time filming the new Batman movie. He pretty much isolated himself in a room for a month, became an insomniac... very strange situation.

6 prescriptions
Posted by pudding on Jan 24, 2008
I read that they found 6 prescriptions in his apartment. He must have some big time problems to need so many drugs to stay normal. I wonder if he overdosed on something or decided life wasn't worth living.

It's sad either way, but I feel a lot more for someone who has had a tough life rather than someone who is rich and should be a lot more optimistic.

Maybe I am the only one who thinks he killed himself??

Posted by weberm1 on Jan 24, 2008
sometimes people need lots of drugs to live a 'normal' life. it happens. and i often think that celebrities have no chance in hell of living a normal life. like today, i saw a video clip of michelle williams arriving back in brooklyn with her daughter. how shitty is it that she's probably devastated and wants to be left alone and there are dozens of people snapping her picture? i know celebrities want to entertain the world and there are aspects of doing this and becoming famous and suck (well, in my opinion). but, i think there is a time when more respect is needed.

mind you, i watched the video, so i guess that makes me a bad person.

i don't know everything about the situation, but i want to think it was an accident. he was having trouble sleeping so maybe he took one too many pills to finally get some rest? why kill yourself when you know that someone will come in the room soon after to potentially discover you and save your life?