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Forum posts for Super Mario 3 in 11 minutes

Posted by Aaron on Nov 28, 2003
It's broken.

Posted by Aaron on Nov 28, 2003
Works in IE... My fault. Misread the extension as .mpg....

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 01, 2003
This link died, it's been replaced with a new one that works.

Not convinced
Posted by phduffy on Dec 01, 2003
I finally watched this.
I am not convinced.

The text is in Japanese in the mushroom house, but his life and everything is in English. Is this standard practice?

Most people don't Warp until world 2, because you can't warp to world 8 from wolrd 1. He appears to get around this by using the second warp on the warp screen. Is that possible?

When he's in world 8 getting about a million lives on one of the tanks, he crouches as a Racoon, and appears to still be flying. His tail doens't flap either, which seems unlikely.

He doens't get caught by any of the hands on wold 8. Possible, but unlikely.

There are a few times after he turns into fireball mario when he appears to clearly get hit by the side of cannon balls (on the tank and airship levels), and he bounces up, as though he was on top of them.

Finally, he kills Bowser by slanding on top of him and shooting him, not by making him hit the floor and miss. Is this possible?

Now, I'm not saying that this isn't real, just that I have some concerns. There do appear to be genuine moments, such as him only getting a mushroom at the end of the one level, and not a star.

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 01, 2003
Okay, I can't counter all, but I'm mostly sure on one, and sure on another.

I'm pretty sure that if you use a warp whistle from the 'whistle' screen, you goto world 8, no matter where you are.

I'm also positive you can fly as a racoon while crouched and have it not show up as flying other than you moving across the screen. I forget which level, but I used to do it all the time.

The rest I'm unsure of. The hands thing though, may have just required multiple trials on his part.

a fake
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
I have it on good authority that this, although interesting, is a fake. It has been highly edited, and strung together to make it look like a fluid gameplay. he/she played on an emulator, recording each frame. whena mistake was made, he/she would go back and try again - ultimately meshing the frames into a 'flawless' display . . . but apparently the actual sequence of events is plausible . . .

Posted by phduffy on Feb 12, 2004
Good to know.
I had my doubts, and they've been more or less confirmed.

Apparently there's a video out there of someone finishing Ninja Gaiden in 11 minutes.
That would be cool. (Even though it must be fake too)

Posted by phduffy on Feb 12, 2004
Okay, I found Contra in 11 minutes. Not Ninja Gaiden.

I guess it looks real, but the dude is getting really lucky.