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Forum posts for Paul's Movies for December

Posted by Katie on Jan 02, 2008
Well, I haven't watched a single one of the movies you listed, and I'm not sure I will. I did, however, watch a few good ones myself, the following few I'd highly recommend.

La Vie en Rose
A biopic of Edith Piaf, who I really didn't know much about. She's a french singer, famous for many songs including La Vie en Rose, and who worked her way up from living on the streets of Paris to living large in New York. I'd read in a few places that this was a great movie, with the lead actor (Marillon Cotillard) apparently doing a remarkable job of channeling the character.

I thought it was a great movie, great music, really well done, but I have to wonder if maybe the lead wasn't overacting just a bit? Like, if Edith Piaf was really as physically affected by all the alcohol she drank as she was made out to be, that was one rough life.

Another music-related movie, this one more of a weird kind of modern day musical. Set in ireland, it's about a guy who spends his days busking on the streets, and a girl who befriends him and a really sweet take on falling in love, and being in love, and trying to deal with those emotions. Apparently the lyricist who wrote the music for all the songs (which I believe were written specifically for this movie) is famous, and has done other movies. I'll have to look him up. The songs were pretty amazing in a few cases, and the singing and acting was great. The lead actor is a singer from ireland and the lead actress is from the Czech Republic....I read somewhere that they've worked together before so I might try finding those movies.

Say Anything
I don't know how this classic 80s movie slipped through the cracks for me before, but I've been wanting to watch it for a few years now, and finally took the time to do so. Oh my god. I've since read a review about how Lloyd Dobler ruined every man's chances with a woman, and I can see why. It was such a hilarious, over the top, sopping sweet romantic comedy. The lead guy (played by 80s hearthrob John Cusack) is every teenage girl's dream man, sensitive, slightly wacky, totally obsessed in a good way, extremely verbose in a hilariously over the top kind of way.

I don't actually remember if I saw this in November or December, but it doesn't really matter. Great quirky comedy. Keri Russell stars as Jenna, a pretty unhappy woman stuck in an extremely bad marriage who gets pregnant. She's also a wicked pie baker. The movie centres around the cafe where she works and bakes, and her relationships as she deals with the pregnancy. Almost too cutesy, but never really going over the top.

And then there's this whole story about how the director/writer/actor of the movie Adrienne Shelley, ends up dying under very bizarre circumstances before her movie makes it's successful debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Very sad.

And just so you think I don't only watch sappy/quirky/musically movies:

The Departed
I'm pretty sure you've all either seen it or know what it's about so I won't bother rehashing the plot at all. I thought this movie was really great, really tense, very well acted. I wasn't sure how much I enjoyed the ending.......maybe because it went on too long.....too many scenarios. But other than that, really good.

re: Stardust
Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 03, 2008
I saw the Golden Compass and really liked it, more than Harry Potter. I haven't read the books but now would like too.

When you wrote it's not as good as Stardust did you mean the book or the movie? I am afraid to watch the movie, the book already looks a certain way in my head and Claire Danes annoys the fuck out of me. If you say it's good though maybe I will risk watching it.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 03, 2008
was one of the best movies I saw last year.