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Forum posts for Is Amy Winehouse any good?

Posted by Katie on Dec 11, 2007
I'm not sure what rec three pitch rec does to teh Chicago Cubs even means, but as to whether Amy Winehouse is any good, I'm sure the answer is probably linked to personal preference. I think she's good.

However, as to all the shit she's been pulling in the media, I believe it's relatively fair to say that most of this started after her album got really popular. I can remember first listening to her album about a year ago (?) and had never heard of her or read of her, and then about six months later she was in the media quite a bit, both for good reasons (her voice and her album) and bad.

Also, many people link her ridiculous drug use to her scummy husband.

It's quite likely that she was a drug user before her album came out. But she wasn't such a disaster, and was able to hold it together during concerts. So if you can listen to her album without thinking about her stumbling down the street in her bra, you might agree that it's good.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 11, 2007
Okay, what about Feist?

Posted by Miguel on Dec 11, 2007
Feist is great, and indie girl done good.

Some people might think she is too adult contemporary or a sellout or whatever, but I can be a retarded music snob and I love her. The Reminder, her album this year is fantastic.

Amy Winehouse is lots of fun, but I think I like her singles more than her full albums. Ridiculous voice though.

Now try Lilly Allen, Neko Case or Cat Power all three are quite awesome in very different ways.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 11, 2007
Feist does the iMac and Gap commercials, right?

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 11, 2007
yeah, i really have nothing new to add to this, but wanted to agree with Miguel that Feist is awesome. and yes, she is on some commercials. the whole album is a little bit slower than 1234 and my moon my man, but still very good.

and check Lily Allen and Cat Power out. i haven't given Neko case a solid try yet.

I haven't heard too many amy Winehouse songs yet, but the ones i have, i like. her voice is pretty amazing. and i just feel bad for her, with the crazy out of control stuff and everything. but, i guess it happens.

Posted by Katie on Dec 11, 2007
ummmmm yup. Feist is amazing. You shouldn't be asking, you should know.

Posted by c.smallz on Dec 12, 2007
I think FEiST is amazing. She's been a part of a bunch of Broken Social Scene stuff, she's recorded with Peaches & Mocky and she is a generally cool person.

I tend to appreciate the musical genius of junkies - and so have given Amy Winehouse a listen of late - not exactly my favourite kind of music but not horrible either. She does a really sick version of Me and Mrs. Jones by the Commodores.