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Forum posts for Retro Gaming Day/Weekend

Totally In
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 23, 2007
Yeah... I have an N64... GOLDENEYE... Zelda... !
Schaus could even bring the 3do for some Samurai Showdown

Posted by phduffy on Nov 23, 2007

Zelda might be too difficult for a weekend...

FF2 can be completed in a weekend.


What about SUper Street Figher 2 Alpha?


I'm a big fan of Syphon Filter and Symphony of the Night for PS1, but I think most would probably prefer to substitute Metal Gear Solid for SF.. Which might be a good idea, I hope to play 2 and 3 soon.


Hnm.... Bionic Commando and Punch Out! are both amazing, and don't take very long to finish.

For Gamecube, let's throw in Resident Evil 4, turn it to easy, and go to town.

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 23, 2007
I finished MGS3 in 27 hours of straight playing. So it can be done in a weekend. Frankly I am looking forward to a lot of Mega Man...

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
Yeah, I'm largely thinking of games that can be finished in like...6-8 hours? So mega man's would work well.

Maybe some even older shit like Kid Icarus, the original Metroid, NES Super Mario's. Cobra Triangle?! Hahaha

Punch out would be a good one.

And I'm largely thinking of older games, IE, PS2, GC and XBox being too new to be included except to play the games of previous generations.

Posted by Numinous on Nov 23, 2007
I'm in and can dust off the 3DO....
crash and burn.....
even star control..... which CANT be finished but we sure could put in the time it takes to fail.

Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
I believe my SNES is still up in the attic, so I can bring along a litle NHL 94, and uniracers.

I think Krystle sold my N64, so I likely don't have any extra controllers for that anymore.

I could also bring along my Wii.

I'm in....


Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
Not to mention the splitter for the PS2, and a little Tekken Tag

Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
We need an edit function....

Any chance of someone still having their PS1? I would love to track down Micromachines for a little bit of 8 player racing madness.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
8 player? Eh? Ps1 games play on the ps2/ps3 as well.

Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
Very true, it's just the memory cards that wouldn't work...

Yeah 8 player madness. Everyone starts at the same time, and basically if you fall behind and go off the screen you lose, it's really fast and alot of fun. Played it a few times in college with dick face the masked goblin.

Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
Any chance of anyone having TMNT 2?
God I used to play that at the arcade all the time.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 23, 2007

Is Cobra Trianble Finishable? I know there's only 25 levels, but that shit is hard. Like all games used to be.

I think my brother has a European version of Micro Machines, so if anyone has a modded PS1, it might play.

Posted by weberm1 on Nov 23, 2007
is this restricted to boys?

and what about the original nintendo? Hello? super mario brothers three, start to finish, no warp whistles.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
I have my old modded PS1 in a box somewhere. It should in theory still work fine.

Hrm...not sure who might have TMNT 2. Maybe we should work on a list of what we 'do' have, and then see if there are things we want to try to acquire for such an event?

I can check during/post move what I have for older games for sure. Plan to go through a lot of boxes and toss some shit, so will find stuff like this hopefully. I think Jessie still has a bunch of SNES games from when I lived with her and Trev way back and brought a bunch of stuff from my parents. Not sure what though.

Posted by juice on Nov 23, 2007
Melissa, let's totally go! I need to beat super mario one!

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
Wonder if I could find my super mario all-stars copy somewhere.

So much...Mario

Posted by fanoom on Nov 23, 2007
I was just thinking, what's the chances of us busting out some roms to get ahold of those old games that we just don't have a platform to play anymore. As far as I'm seeing here none of us still have our old NES units. I may be able to get ahold of a Cleco Vision, but yeah, does anyone really want to play that old piece of shit.

Oh, I'll bring my gameboy with mario brothers one for where is that thing....and three, I think

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
Haha, yeah, we could definitely do it with roms, it's just a matter of finding a PC controller that doesn't make you want to throw it through a window I think.

Posted by weberm1 on Nov 25, 2007
you're in luck. i just found out a friend of mine has TMNT 1, 2, and 3. if this goes down in january, i can bring them!

Posted by mike on Nov 26, 2007
I have and N64 with 2 controllers... Perfect Dark might be the only game I have for it though.

Posted by jessie on Nov 27, 2007
i am SO IN! bry appears to have a lot of games systems and games that i could steal...

Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2007
Hands off my video games, bitch!

I have an old NES, but it doesn't work too well. It usually turns into a battle of wills - man vs. blinking blue screen. So if anyone wants to step into the ring against corroded contacts and that stupid blinking red power light, they are more than welcome.

I think the virtual console is a good option, the Wii controller almost feels like a NES controller.

I've got a SNES, the Wii and n64 games/controllers to donate to the cause.

Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2007
if anyone has bushido blade, I would love to play that again...

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 28, 2007
HOLY FUCK Bushido Blade.. my fucking god.. what a great game...

So much running.. and such quick matches... fuck me i love that game

Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2007
Some friends in London had it, It's a great party game because of the short innings.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 28, 2007

Its not a game, its a goddam philosophy of life.

I wish they had a beautiful PS3 version....OR GODDAMN!!!! A WII VERSION!!!!!

Posted by fanoom on Nov 28, 2007
I just creamed my pants thinking about a wii version of bushido blade.

Nathan, please say that you still have it.

Posted by noodle on Nov 28, 2007
unfortunately i no longer have's a very sad day....i have also thought of the possibility of a bushido blade for the wii....dear god that would be awesome