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Forum posts for Mushrooms

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 27, 2003
They are so totally vegetables. Totally. Seriously. Folks.

Sidenote. How is it that you guys manage to constantly get ' chars slashed???? I will have to pour over it tonight with a mug of hot chocolate.

Posted by Katie on Nov 27, 2003
I hate to disagree with Pete, cause lord knows disagreeing with someone on this website can lead to a small war, but I would have to say that mushrooms belong to the fungus family.
However, if it makes it easier to fill out your daily food requirements, you could always consider them vegetables if you wanted to.

char slash
Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2003
Whenver you put in an apostrophe it shows up as a char slash in the article preview part.

Katie, you're supposed to disagree with people here, that's the point. That's why there's a discussion forum, so you can disagree with people.

With that in mind, is fungus even a food group?

process of elimination
Posted by mike on Nov 27, 2003
First of all unless they have changed the food groups since they told me about them in whatever grade that was, Fungus is not a food group.

The food groups are as folows:
meat, vegetable/fruit, milk stuff, and breadlike stuff.

A mushroomt:
is not a chunk of animal.
does not come from an udder/tite.
isn't rolled and kneaded and baked in a oven.

This leads to the logical conclusion that mushrooms must be a fruit/vegetable.


The logical conclusion that should be arrived at is that the food groups make no sense.

Posted by Polfuss on Nov 27, 2003
what kind of nutritional value do mushrooms have?

a class of their own??
Posted by krys on Nov 27, 2003

"Mushrooms... in a class of their own
Though mushrooms are often grouped with vegetables and fruits, they are actually fungi--for that reason, they are in a class of their own, nutritionally speaking. Mushrooms do share some of the benefits of fruits and vegetables. They are low in calories, have no cholesterol and are virtually free of fat and sodium. And that’s not all. Mushrooms stand alone when it comes to some of the essential minerals and B-complex vitamins not easily found in produce. In addition, some contain substances that might prove to be useful in the treatment and prevention of serious diseases"

i still think mushrooms, although they are fungi.. are classified as a vegetable when considering your four food groups.