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Forum posts for More Thoughts on the Greatest Video Games of all Time

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
No sorry, not single player really. It was just that I think that in terms of a driving game, watching speed, braking, making your turns, timing things right, I don't think any other game was as good. It really had the best arcade racing of all the games I think.

Posted by c.smallz on Nov 27, 2007

Bomb! End of F***ing discussion. Greatest video game of all-time. Yes. Why? Amazing. Simple. Can be played by anyone.

Reason why all other suggestions are wrong - "nerdy" - yes "nerdy" I didn't even know that most of these games existed - except for Mario Kart - which is marginally entertaining.

So my vote is for Tetris. Simple. Sophisticated. Seductive. Surrealistic. Stylish. Sleak. Stigmatic.


Posted by Nerhael on Nov 27, 2007
Tetris is most definitely a great game. I feel however that as a puzzle game, it can't really rise as the greatest game of all time. I have no real justification to this, other than it's too 'simple' a game?

As puzzle games go though, it is probably king. The only games I can think of off the top of my head that were possibly as fun, were Dr. Mario, and ....Qix? I actually think that's how it's spelled.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2007
Dr. Mario is not as fun as tetris. I don't think Dr. Mario is even as fun as Bejewled.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 27, 2007
Eck...I think bejeweled is pretty damned boring.

I honestly haven't played the Dr. in like...10 years, but I recall it being fun. Whether that was single player vs against someone, I can't remember.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2007
Eck...I think bejeweled is pretty damned boring.

You just proved my point

And Now.... Tetris: THE MOIVE

In a world blown apart by war, one race will return to help humanity. In a world where nothing remains, one race will provide the foundations of civilization. In a world bereft of blocks and and L-shaped beams, one race will give us hope. On July 4, The Tetroids will once again make us ourselves.”

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 27, 2007
Wait...are you saying bejeweled and Dr Mario are the same? Or roughly the same?

I thought bejeweled was like puzzle quest, where you just swap any two blocks that are side by side to try to match 3 colours in a row?

Where as Dr Mario was a game where you controlled pills that dropped, that had different coloured tips, and tried to arrange them in ways to get lines?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2007
Here’s the plot:

Without warning, a number of blocks in various geometric forms begin to fall onto Mother Russia. A scientist determines that these shapes are actually the cellular structure of an alien intelligence with a block-based DNA. Once the blocks build up upon themselves to reach the troposphere, the alien will be able to access the power of the stars and absorb Earth into itself, wiping out humanity and allowing it to continue its journey through the galaxy, destroying other planets. The blocks are indestructible, and once they grab hold of the ground, they cannot be moved by human means. But there is hope: a biologist realizes that, if a certain number of the blocks are lined up in a row, with no spaces, cell death will take hold--it is the natural aging process of the organism. Now, the world’s governments band together, using tow lines attached to MiG fighters to drag the blocks into place before they reach the ground, with the help of a psychic seer who can see the immediate future and predict what shape is going to fall next. Every spatial engineer in the world is called to help, as the blocks keep falling faster and faster, landing on one Russian city after another. Can Earth be saved?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 27, 2007
They're not the same. But Bejewled is better than Dr. Mario, and you think Bejewled is boring... therefore.....

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 27, 2007
I don't think you can use a subjective personal opinion to offer proof against something very effectively.

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 27, 2007
No duffy is right on this one.. bejeweled is better than Doctor Mario it can be scientifically proven...

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2007

To be clear, I did not write the tetris movie, either promo or plot.

Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2007
duffy, the fact that you found it and re-gurgitated is genius enough. A masterstroke ctrl-V that will be remembered by future generations.