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Forum posts for Very Sad

Yeah that's sad but....
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 20, 2007
.... Not to nit-pick such a touching story, but in Animal Crossing (I only played it briefly). Doesn't your "mom" in-game send you gifts all the time? If this dude didn't play it for a long long time.. wouldn't it have been his "in-game mom" that sent him the gifts ... not the mom who died from MS?

That might make it MORE sad... anyhow, Pete you played it... am I remembering wrong?

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 20, 2007
This is true. It's been brought up in nearly every forum I've seen this posted on in the past few days.

However, there are a few things to say to this.

You can choose to take it either way. One is a pretty touching story, I know I teared up without even noticing until it was running down my cheek.

The other is a sort of 'in' game joke.

The one thing I will say to suggest the comic as truth is this link:

Ignore the url's domain, the link itself is a list of all the mail content that the 'in game mom' sends. They don't quite line up with the content of the letter in the comic.

Regardless, I prefer to remain ignorant on this one, and instead see this as a touching reminder to love your parents and let them know it.