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Forum posts for Bed & Breakfasts?

Posted by Katie on Nov 16, 2007
Well, you could try the Picton area.....the new food capital of ontario. They're getting very well known for the quality of their local ingredients and restaurants that support local food growers. The actual area is Prince Edward County with Picton being the defacto capital. There are also a few wineries springing up around there if they liked that aspect of NOTL.

Possibly prettier and still fairly close is Port Colbourne.

And since they live in Bowmanville it isn't too far.

You could also do Stratford. They'll have lots of nice B&Bs, good restauarants. And they could potentially choose to use the gift at a time when the plays are on.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 16, 2007
Ah, okay, east of them. Geography there looks fun actually. Do you know of anyone that's actually stayed in the area at a B&B that could recommend one?

Not really sure how to best pick one out. Oh hrm... appears to be a good source. 38 to choose from.