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Forum posts for My Movies for October

Yeah Duffy....
Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 01, 2007
Let's hear more about your conversion. You used to go on and on about how you hated this city and how you would never live here. Then you moved to College and Bathurst and were trying to tell us where to buy meat and which restaurants to eat at.

What happened? Why did your initial impression change?

What DID you hate? Why don't you hate it now?

wait, flaws?
Posted by Katie on Nov 29, 2007
Paul, I'm not sure I understand what you thought the flaws of eastern promises were.

That Viggo used a slightly grating accent and that the violence was similar to a history of violence?

Well, for one, I would disagree that they're similar movies, other than the fact that they both deal head on with extreme violence and don't shy away from it. In my opinion the emotional aspect of the movies is very different, and violence is used for different means. In A History of Violence emotion is used as a tool while in Eastern Promises emotion is carefully hidden and controlled and you are left to your own devices as to how to interpret. Violence meanwhile is used as its own type of weapon in Eastern Promises.....just the promise of violence is enough to scare people while in A History of Violence, they use violence because people are scared.

Does that make any sense? Onwards.

I really liked this movie. I thought that the characters were very well done, the control and restraint used by the actors was admirable, and the storyline itself fairly unexpected. I think that the plot moved slowly, but it was as if the Director was allowing you to catch up with what had already happened (in the lives of the characters), rather than just fill in the blanks all the time.

I also enjoyed the nude scene. Not gratuitous, appropriate, and a man for once! what novelty.

Posted by Miguel on Nov 30, 2007
No country for Old Men is the best movie of the year so far for me, but Eastern Promises is right behind it.

Let's hear it for Javier Bardem and Vincent Cassell, the best psychopaths since Anthony Hopkins to grace the screen!

Posted by phduffy on Dec 07, 2007
Here's some more talk about No Country, particularly about the last quarter: