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Forum posts for waterboarding!

Posted by Katie on Nov 01, 2007
so are you actually able to watch this? Not in the purest sense, but because it's kind of horific to watch someone allow themselves to be drowned (in theory). I started, but it made me incredibly uncomfortable.

Seems like torture to me. Does the guy ever end up saying if he believes that it actually is a form of torture? I couldn't watch to the end to see what happened/what he said. He wasn't really clear on his position in the debate.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 01, 2007
I think I may have seen part of this on TV actually, with the guy talking afterwards about it. I think his verdict was pretty negative towards the whole thing.

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 01, 2007
Actually no...don't think this is the same one. I think the one I saw was done outside, like...there were people around.

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 01, 2007
That didn't look too bad. The dudes were taking small cups of water and dumping it on his face.. OOOOH.. NOOO.. *cry* *cry*

QQ more you wuss.

I thought the masked gentlemen doing the deed and the shaky camera work were more scary than the waterboarding itself.

Seriously though this does look like torture. I thought it was a bit different though from descriptions I had read. Like they were dumping tonnes of water in his face in a constant stream that wouldn't allow him to breathe.

Interesting to be sure.

Posted by bryan on Nov 02, 2007

for most of the video they show it split screened and change the sound to a clip of him discussing the technique with a variety of people. He definitely believes it to be torture.

I think he wanted to appear as objective as possible until after the viewer had seen the act, then provide his comments on it after.

I think his point that Americans should see it and decide for themselves is important. That said, I'm sure there would still be a lot of folks who would say that waterboarding is too good for people that *might* be terrorists.