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Forum posts for So far in 2007

Posted by phduffy on Oct 12, 2007
My results:

Listened 0/11
Watchec 3/10
Played 2/5
Eaten 1/7
Read 1/4

Posted by Miguel on Oct 12, 2007

I think youve eaten at both thuet and the roxton with katie and I.

So you've eaten at 2 of 7!

Let me guess what youve seen....superbad, zodiac and the lookout? Wait what about grindhouse?

Posted by weberm1 on Oct 12, 2007
oh, my results are so sad. well, i guess it depends on what you like:

Listened: 1/11 (Note: i have a hatred for R. Kelly and Kanye and won't listen to them based on principle)
Watched 2/10
Played 1/5
Eaten 1/7
Read 0/4

Posted by Miguel on Oct 12, 2007
Ok now I feel bad for titling this post as YOU SHOULD HAVE.

Really its just stuff I have done this year that I have enjoyed.

My music tastes especially go towards the kind hip hop and r&b that many people hate with a passion. And thats cool.

I stand by the movies though, they are all excellent are none are really that weird....except for maybe paprika.