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Forum posts for Garry Freeman

Posted by phduffy on Oct 03, 2007
How did this happen?

Two things combined to make it happen.

Apparently the young cop he shot (Terrence Knox) rose the ranks and now has some pull, and has been lobbying to find him for years. He's leading the charge to have him extradited, he's said shit like "I fear for the safety of my family" knowing he's still out there. He's started petitions in the US for extradition.

At some point in like 1980 (might have been early 80s), when travelling from the US to Canada (under his new identity, obviously), he purchased a camera in the states and didn't delare it at the border. He was charged for failing to declare it and fingerprinted (?!). He was just fined, but his prints remained on record. A few years ago, after everything had been digitized, the FBI sent a batch of prints from cold cases to the RCMP, and his showed a match. They found out he was working at the library, and went there to arrest him. He's been in jail now since 2004.

Posted by bryan on Oct 03, 2007
the young cop he allegedly shot.