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Forum posts for web help

um, yeah
Posted by weberm1 on Sep 17, 2007
it's pretty stupid that there isn't a website. i found the two below, and many more like it, but i'm assuming you found these as well.

i once found a cool designer via myspace and ordered a dress directly from her there. i did a quick search and couldn't find this designer, but i didn't look at everything that came up.

i'm afraid i'm not much help. man, she isn't even listed as a designer on the Saks website.

Go to NY again? An excuse to go?

Good Luck!

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 17, 2007
can you find any pictures of the dress?

maybe if you can't order it directly you can take the pictures to a dressmaker or post on craigslist that you want something made similar. then you can get exactly the right colour.

also, check out for more delicious ideas.

good luck!

Posted by fanoom on Sep 17, 2007
While dresses are fine and all, perhaps you should just wrap yourself in cellophane and cause a real stir at the wedding.........

Actually maybe next time I'm dancing my drunken ass off at a wedding I'll just wear cellophane so people won't be so scared to dance with the sweaty beast that is Brandon.

CELLOPHANE more than just sammich wrap......mmmmmm sammiches

Posted by phduffy on Sep 17, 2007
Could you call them and ask about it? Ask for the name of the dress, and whether or not they'll ship it to you?