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Forum posts for Video editing help

Posted by Palmer on Sep 13, 2007
If you're using a Windows system, I have heard good things about Windows Movie Maker (which is supposedly a free download from the MS site).

If you're on Apple, well, there's a bunch of options - I've used the iMovie feature a few times but opted to get a version of Final Cut Pro which was awesome.

Posted by alltogethernow on Sep 13, 2007
Ok. I do a lot of video editing and what you are asking to do is super-easy. The first thing you need to know is what type of file are you dealing with. The second thing you need to know is what software is available to you. The third thing is how large/what format do you want the end product to be.

So follow the advice below and you should have this taken care of quickly.

File format -
If you recorded your movie on a mini-dv tape you'll need the camera to capture the video. Hook it up to your computer via USB or Firewire. If you have a firewire card I highly recommend using it.

Capturing the video -
To capture the video you should be using a program that captures the video in a format you would like to use. If you use Windows Movie Maker to capture the video it will create a small-ish *.wmv file. If you use Abobe Premiere you will end up with a FUCKING HUGE *.avi file.

Editing -
Windows Movie Maker is kind-of a piece of garbage as far as editing goes. But to do what you are asking is quite easy if slightly crude. When you capture the video make sure Movie Maker is NOT set to "create clips". Creating clips will chop up the captured video into a bunch of smaller clips that are slightly useless.

After you have captured your video take the 40 minute file and drag it onto the time-line. If you right click the video on the time-line you will see an option of "video effects". Click on this item. Find the video effect "Speed Up Double". This will do basically what it says it will. If you have 40 minutes and want it to be just 3 then repeat the process of right clicking and doubling the speed until the length of the clip is around what you are looking for.

When you are done with the editing find the "Save to my Computer" option on the left side of the screen. There you will be able to specify things like the size of the final file and the resolution and format (PAL or NTSC - Use NTSC). If you want it on Youtube remember the file upload limits are 100MB.

If you have access to Adobe Premiere capture the video this way (though for 40 minutes be prepared to have 10+ GIGs of free space. The editing here works much the same way. If you right click on the time-line after you have captured the video you will see an "Speed" option. This is expressed as a % . If you want your 40 minute video to be 3 minutes of sped up film you can just increase the speed to 1000% or whatever of the original file.

When you finish with an Adobe Premiere file it is still going to be huge. I would guess a 40 minute video reduced to 3 minutes would be around 3.5 GIGs.

Any other specific questions I would be happy to answer. Good luck!

If you have access to better software

Posted by MDuffy on Sep 13, 2007
Ok I don't have adobe premiere and I dont think my laptop will allow me to do the video editing due to speed issues. I tried to do it in windows movie maker but it takes WAYYY too long. I do want to have it on Youtube though.

got it
Posted by MDuffy on Sep 13, 2007
ok I got everytyhing set up but windows movie maker doesnt recognize that the camera is there and it needs to capture the video. I can import the video but it breaks it into clips, how do I turn off create clips?