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Forum posts for Facebook public search

Posted by crux on Sep 06, 2007
It's ridiculous what you can already find out about people through Google with a little bit of information, time, and common sense. Though granted I do have access to credit card details most of the time. That helps.

Facebook kind of scared me before, but then I got used to it. It's starting to scare me again, but in less of an "OMG!! THE CIA HACKED MY PRIVACIES!!" kind of way and more of an "OMG!! My 13 year old step-cousin is going to see that picture of me with the big red sun glasses and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and then mention it in front of my grandmother the next time I see her." kind of way.

And in many ways that kind of way is more concerning as it translates into a potential future employer Googling my name, finding the previously mentioned picture, and bringing it up during a job interview. I don't know about anyone else, but we Google/Facebook stalk potential employees. Then again, we're retarded.

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 06, 2007
It is honestly the HR usage of facebook that scares me as well.

Not because I don't want a company to know me as me, but them making uninformed judgments based on random stuff they find there without even giving me the opportunity to see and influence their impression on me in person.

Posted by cosmicfish on Sep 06, 2007
If you google my name a post here on the wolfshack comes up on the second or third page.