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Forum posts for TIFF Movie Reviews

Posted by phduffy on Sep 05, 2007

I will be seeing American Venus

I will post a review here once I've seen it.

I tried to get tickets for

But didn't have any luck.

Posted by Miguel on Sep 05, 2007
Funny thing about chrysalis.....

I was thinking about going to see it, but then it started reminding me way too much of renaissance, which I liked when I watched it in the theatre. But when I watched it at home with you guys I wasn't nearly as impressed.

So I figure I will rent.

Posted by Miguel on Sep 09, 2007

Will be stylistically compared to trainspotting and that is fine, superficially they have a lot in common. However Ex-Drummer is more transgressive, politically incorrect, raw, offensive, disgusting and boundary breaking than Trainspotting.
It is also visually stunning, with the director employing every trick in the book to shoot the action. Definitely won't be for everyone, and it won't make any money in North America, but it will find a home on DVD for sure.


The French just won't stop with the insane horror. Frontieres offers nothing really new to the genre (with one exception), but what it does, it does extremely well. Its like a mixture of Calvaire, Sheitan and a bit of Texas Trainspotting and Hostel. The stroke of genius is the character of Father, an insane old Nazi hell bent on purifying the blood of his family. This is one for the cottage for sure.


This movie really confirmed for me that unfortunately Romero has lost his touch. It is a good, not great, low budget zombie movie crossed with the blair witch project. Romero has never really been the best at creating characters you care for, and this movie is no different, with most characters being simple caricatures with the exception of the main female lead. Romero is trying to address the issue of information and filming in this modern world by having that audience see the action through the lenses of his film student characters cameras.

Diary of the Dead is concerned with how an event like a Zombie apocalypse would be perceived and dissseminated to the masses (he compares it to coverage of Huricane Katrina a lot). The problem is he doesn't really offer any great insight to that greater question, with characters uttering the same old cliches about "bloggers and hackers (UGH) changing the world!".

Which leaves us with the action and zombie killing, which due to budget concerns is unfortunately all in CGI. There is one memorable mute farmer who kicks all sorts of ass, and a couple of inventive deaths and funny moments, but by and large its kind of boring. Of course the hundreds of fanboys (many dressed as zombies!) at the screening whooped and hollered at every death, but they would do this no matter what crap romero flung at the screen.

This is better than land of the dead, but can't hold a candle to the original night of the living dead and dawn of the dead.