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Forum posts for Gross.

even grosser.
Posted by Katie on Aug 24, 2007
"The Big Mac spawned generations of bigger and bigger burgers. Wendy’s offers a Triple with Cheese, which has 980 calories and 59 grams of fat. Burger King has a 1,230 calorie Triple Whopper loaded with 82 grams of fat. Even McDonald’s has a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which has 740 calories and 42 fat grams. "

OMG. Trevor and Seth, this message goes out to you.

Posted by crux on Aug 24, 2007
Seriously. Have you taken a good look at me lately? The more calories the better, and I need all the fat I can get.

But point taken; a Triple Whopper does sound like more Burger King than anyone should consume in one sitting.

That being said, I'll have to try one sometime.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 24, 2007

It's the Star that says a Big Mac is a triple-decker burger, right?

I got that from here:

that's not so bad
Posted by pudding on Aug 29, 2007
Mmmmm big macs. It still doesn't make me want to eat one.

And who cares if all the fat would fill up a few 747's... that fat is for the entire American population. If there are ~200M people, that is only ~0.000088 tonnes/person or 88 grams/person or ~3 big macs per year.

I guess it doesn't make such a gripping story, but nevertheless I salute the Big Mac for his resilience and wish him 40 more heart-clogging years!