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Forum posts for Oakville to Toronto Bike Ride

Posted by bryan on Aug 14, 2007
I'm down, pete.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 14, 2007
I would also add that I could be in for bbq'ing and supplying some beers at the end of the long journey back into the city.

Beer tastes like awesome after a long ride like that in the sun.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 14, 2007
Also, if you could make a note of which days of which weekends you're avail?

I don't think I can do this Saturday, or the next. But both Sunday's are fine for me.

Labour day weekend I maybe in Bowmanville for mom and dad's bdays.

Posted by Miguel on Aug 14, 2007
I'm totally down as well....and I would need your bike please.

Hopefully my stamina can take this.

Posted by Katie on Aug 14, 2007
The first time we did this it was lots of fun. Especially laughing at Miguel.

I might be able to borrow my sister's bike again. If so, I would be in. And the bbq would be lots of fun after. So really, it would be better to do it on a Saturday to really bbq (i.e., drink lots) and not have to get up for work the next morning.

I could do this weekend, I'm out the next two, but could also do the 8/9 most likely, and then any weekend after that.

Posted by jessie on Aug 14, 2007
depending on the weekend!

super interested though.

Posted by bryan on Aug 14, 2007
yeah, I can't... my sister's wedding is coming up, and I've got a bunch of stuff I need to do for that. Labour day weekend was a possibility... meh. Perhaps next time?

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 14, 2007
These are the days I'm avail for sure.

This sunday, the 19th. Then September 8th and 9th.

The rest is in the air for me. Next sunday is also pretty likely to be open.

Posted by bryan on Aug 14, 2007
ha! I am dumb.

I can do the 8th or the 9th. duhh.

I'd prefer the 8th.

Posted by jessie on Aug 15, 2007
i might be able to do the 8th or 9th, but proibably not since my sister arrives on the 7th. i also have this wedding to arrange around, but would you be willing to go again in late september?

or this sunday. that is all i have free.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 15, 2007
Okay, so we'll do one this Sunday for whoever is available.

Right now it's Jessie and I. I don't mind going a few times, so whoever can't make this one, we can arrange another one in September.