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Forum posts for one two three four five

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 02, 2007

Posted by bryan on Aug 02, 2007

i *heart* the 80s!
Posted by jessie on Aug 02, 2007
this reminds me of lunchtime, grilled cheese and tomato soup. mmmm, the 80's rocked. remembering lunchtime reminded me of my favourite show...

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 02, 2007
It gave me shivers remembering that as I watched it, the Today's Special that is.

I do have to wonder why lunch made you think of that? Wasn't it more a Sunday night show?

Early evening show?
Posted by pudding on Aug 02, 2007
I might be wrong, but I thought it was on most weeknights... maybe even after school.

It also really makes you realize how simple a lot of those shows were wrt props and actors... just 2 humans, some puppets and crappy cgi unleashed in a department store.

Nothing can beat the original hercules though...

Posted by phduffy on Aug 02, 2007
I one the sandwich...


Posted by phduffy on Aug 02, 2007

Posted by krys on Aug 02, 2007
i have to agree, Today's Special was totally on every weeknight around 7 I believe.. My brothers were all too mean to let me watch it though..

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 02, 2007
I think Hercules might be related to Space Ghost.

Posted by jessie on Aug 07, 2007
i think it was on at night. i can't help that lunchtime reminds me of today's special. FACT.

Posted by clanders on Aug 08, 2007
1 2 3 4 5, 67 8 9 10, 11 12

That is the most amazing thing I've watched on youtube in a very long time!!

Although now it seems like one should be very high to get the full effect of the counting... what a trip!!!!

Posted by bryan on Aug 09, 2007
Hugs are my only drugs, clanders.